George Bush Don’t Like Black People (Video) (FOR THE SAINTS)

25 09 2006

On the night of the New Orleans Saints return to THEIR field:

Reggie Bush is Sainted that’s Reggie Bush btw 😉
[…] One can only be reminded of George W. Bush, and his administrations complete lack of timely response to hurricane Katrina.

Everyone, or many people remember Kanye West’s remarks “George Bush Doesn’t Care about Black People!!” and other comments that rang all too true.

Here’s the Kanye hit “Gold Digger” remixed and revamped as “George Bush Don’t Like Black People”:

This one is a bit better.

And for those of you who didn’t see Kanye’s exclaimations on live television:

I know this is not supposed to be funny, but Mike Myer’s face is absolutely priceless.  He looks like a Canadia deer caught in big ol’ American headlights.  However, Mike didn’t have to be there, good looking out mike.

And thanks Kanye.
Go Saints (Yay Reggie Bush)!



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