Hacker Has Struck US Gov’t Systems 12 Times In Past 5 Weeks!!

22 09 2006

[via] eWorldInfo – Information Headquarters

For the 12th time in 5 weeks, the US Government’s computers have been broken into. All 12 attacks happened to different systems and servers within the government. What sets these attacks apart is the evidence left behind. “We do know that the hacker goes by the alias, . And, each attack has disrupted service for an average of 5 hours. This has added up to a total loss of nearly 18 million dollars due to system repairs and upgrades.” Said Dr. Richard Marciniak, lead technical engineer for the US Government.
The attacks are far from average. The hacker logs into the system and plants a virus. The virus then spreads across the system, altering every file very slightly. These changes can throw off huge calculations in government funds, allocated resources and many more critical areas of the government.
Government officials are looking into the hacker alias, and are getting close to finding the origins of the attacks. The hacker is facing an estimated 70 years in prison and enormous fines.

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How could our Governments systems be so vulnerable?!?!  What kind of gerbil in a wheel is running those systems?  Rediculous!



One response

24 09 2006

This is a load of BS!!…but some part of me wishes it was true 🙂

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