Bypass user GPO in Windows Xp / 2003

22 09 2006

Bypass user GPO in Windows Xp / 2003 | IT Security | – :: IT Security uncensored

During some security testing in a high security enviorment – I
discovered that by using the “run as” or “the runas /noprofile” I could
bypass user GPO settings completely.I e-mailed the security mail at Microsoft about it – and they confirmed
that they had reproducedc the behavior – but said that the user
restrictons where not ment as security settings – but just to stop the
user from messing up their enviorment !?!?!?!

To reproduce it:

Set up a domain with strict security settings. Eg. Software restritions
policies, hide local drives, remove “run”, disable cmd.exe and so on.

Log on to an XP computer in that domain – make a link to cmd.exe –
select “run as” on that link.

Logon with another user in the same domain – with the same restrictions
– you’ll see that the GPO’s will not be loaded for that user.




2 responses

22 09 2006

So it’s just like Microsoft always says, “That’s not a bug it’s a feature!” 😛

15 06 2012

Definitely, what a great website and enlightening posts, I definitely will bookmark your blog.Have an awsome day!

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