Index of /darrenk – left their index open!!

20 09 2006

LINK – Index of /darrenk

Have a look.

Here’s a taste:

[DIR] Shinco/                    24-Nov-2003 22:54    -
[TXT] Spu.htm                    30-Dec-2003 19:32   42K
[DIR] Teac_DV2000/               24-Nov-2003 22:59    -
[DIR] Voxson_DVDT172/            24-Nov-2003 23:09    -
[VID] aca_xvid.avi               06-Apr-2006 05:36   20M
[DIR] apexjumbler/               24-Nov-2003 06:14    -
[IMG] balloons.gif               24-Nov-2003 23:17  1.5K
[IMG] balloons2.gif              24-Nov-2003 23:17  5.1K
[IMG] cake.gif                   24-Nov-2003 23:17  3.9K
[TXT] contact.htm                11-May-2005 17:49  2.7K
[VID] dan_aca.avi                09-May-2006 03:16   51M
[TXT] darren's-email-hotmail.txt 24-Nov-2003 23:17  107
[   ]                24-Nov-2003 23:18  111K
[DIR] dvdrom_firmware/           14-Dec-2003 22:35    -
[IMG] happynewyearhrglass.gif    30-Dec-2003 19:29  5.1K
[IMG] imgtoplights_410x22.gif    14-Dec-2003 22:41  3.5K
[TXT] index.htm                  05-Mar-2006 11:35   21K
[TXT] index_old.htm              24-Nov-2003 23:25   21K
[DIR] loader_replacement/        24-Nov-2003 23:12    -
[DIR] magnavox_mdvd-100/         24-Nov-2003 09:37    -

Get it while it lasts!!



3 responses

21 09 2006

I love finding these:

Index of / (insert suckers name here)

I have literally thousands of shortcuts and bookmarks saved like this. 😉
Its’ great when you find a huge one and you can just vacuum files up all day long.
Then I just move on to the next and take what is good and delete any junk. Alright so I am obsessed with hording files…what of it. 😛 I am a file collecting junkie I can’t help it. There is no 12 step program for that. HaHa
Maybe I’ll send you some piles of links soon if I get around to it.

– Azag

21 09 2006

That would be AWESOME!! The piles of links that is.

26 02 2007

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