“Huge Collection Of Hack Tutorial Videos – Download Here (Rapidshare URLS)” Download Tutorial

20 09 2006

I have had a few questions regarding as to how to get the 7zip archives extracted from this post:

Huge Collection Of Hack Tutorial Videos – Download Here (Rapidshare URLS)

So here is a step by step walk-through.

Ok step by step –
Things you will need
1. A computer that can run 7zip or ZipGenious (I only use a PC right now so I don’t know what mac or linux users can do or how well they support 7zip or ZipGenious, however HERE is the site to download 7zip from and HERE is ZipGenious. Note: there are some unofficial Mac and Linux versions of 7zip called “pZip”)
2. Time.

3. Patience.

Here we go –
1. Download ALL 4 files from the post.
2. Run 7zip//ZipGenious (on windows you can go to “start” -> All Programs -> 7zip -> 7zip File Manager)
3. In the 7zip/ZipGenious GUI (Graphical User Interface), type the file path-name for “HackingVideos.zip″. NOTE: All of the zip files need to be in the same directory/folder.
4. You should now have a “window” (for lack of a better word) of the 7zip/ZipGenious GUI with the file “Hacking Videos” inside it.
5. Select that file. (there should be only one there)
6. Now select “file” in the menu bar. Then “Extract Files…”
7. A window will pop up asking where you want the files extracted to. You can select anywhere you want, it doesn’t matter as long as you have enough disc space.
8. Then select “OK”.

7zip or ZipGenious will now extract the folder named “Hacking Videos” to your designated place. You DO NOT need to open any of the other 7zip files, only the file named “HackingVideos.zip″.

Once 7zip is done extracting the archive you will have a folder named “Hacking Videos” inside that folder will be all of the media files listed in the post. Some of them are flash files some are avi, its a real hodgepodge.

If this fails then I recommend you download the whole file via bittorent.

Here is the link CLICKY to get the original file that I downloaded from bittorent.

I hope this helps.

Best of luck.



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21 09 2006

[…] “Huge Collection Of Hack Tutorial Videos – Download Here (Rapidshare URLS)” Download Tutorial […]

26 02 2007

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