Fatwas Against Terrorism Are Fake!!!

20 09 2006

Fake Fatwas Against Terrorism [via] The Jawa Report

Aw nuts:

The devil is in the details, or so I have always heard, so when one of Dean Esmays fillins gave a list of fatwas against terrorism as evidence that Muslims are against terorrorism, I figured Ali had at least bothered to read them. She hasnt.Of course, her larger point is well taken–sharia is useless. Indeed it is. More than useless Id call it. How about evil? I do not use the term evil lightly here. I believe any system of law that takes away certain inherent liberties is evil. Right up there at the top of that list would be the right to choose ones own religion. But useless will do for now.

The second point–that fatwas are useless–is also well taken, if not completely wrong. Fatwas are very useful because religious authority is claimed by those who do evil. Bin Laden issued a fatwa against America before 9/11 for the precise reason that he knew that people seek moral justification for their acts.

Here’s my question, can I declare a fatwa???

If so, then Bill O’Reilly is so fucked!



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