Is Usenet Better Than Bittorent??

19 09 2006

Forget BitTorrent. Learn Usenet. [via]
Usenet is apparently a la mode again and mantup lays it all out for you:

When it comes to getting all of your essential Internet media, Usenet is an elusive beast that relatively few people take advantage of, let alone are aware of. I’m going to teach you how to take advantage of the fastest, most awesome and reliable way to get those hot files to your desktop.

To jump straight to the walk-through, click here. Or read on for my review.

However, don’t forget that this stuff is still illegal (but its on usenet):

Full ROM sets for every system imaginable, DVD’s of every movie and TV show imaginable, HD resolution captures of TV shows, full high-bitrate MP3 albums, DVD’s of all the latest console games, cracked versions of operating systems and software, eBooks, and A LOT of porn (which, by the way, is still copyrighted). Basically all forms of media that are or can be digitized have been pirated on Usenet.

And finally the explanation of why Usentet CAN be better than bittorrent (according to mantup):

If you’re using Usenet to download various files for whatever reason, it’s a much safer bet for these reasons:

  • Anonymity. With a good hosting provider, what you are downloading is kept completely private. On BitTorrent, everything you do is tracked by multiple people at once, which could include people ready and willing to attempt to fuck you over.
  • Much more lawful. Hopefully what you’re downloading are things you already own. If you were to use BitTorrent to download these possibly copyrighted materials, you’d be assisting in its distribution, which is illegal and can result in a small disaster for you and your dorm room when the MPAA and DMCA bust up in there and tag-team your cornhole.
  • Much faster. Since you’re on a pay service, you’re getting premium bandwidth from a central point. On BitTorrent, you can only hope that other nodes in the cloud are going to be fast.
  • No concern about seeds. Usenet keeps everything in a central point, as if you’re constantly downloading at high speed from a single seeder. On BitTorrent, if a seed leaves the cloud or never comes, you may never complete downloading the file. We all know what that feels like, and it sucks.
  • Much easier to find things. Searching indexing sites like Newzbin will result in nicely built posts that have been tested by editors in the community. BitTorrent is in a very messy state at this point, with tons of 12-year-olds uploading torrents all over the place with trojans in them and mislabeling that Linkin Park album you wanted, so you end up with a bunch of mariachi band music.

The writer admits that BT is still good for obscure files that you can’t find on Usenet.

Note: I have never used Usenet.  At least I know I’ve never paid for a Usenet host.  So I may be way off here but…
I must note that there are some fallacies here that need to be pointed out.

  1. Usenet is still file sharing no matter how you cut it, so the illegal stuff is still illegal.
  2. NEVER TRUST ANY HOSTING PROVIDER EVER WITH YOUR INFORMATION OR FOR PROTECTION FROM THE LAW.  With any pressure at all, even the toughest of providers will fold like a cheap suit.  So there goes that.
  3. The lack of seeders thing sucks in BT, but I find that if you force start a file and wait a bit, the seeders will come.

The sort of “neatness” that Usenet offers is intriguing, but why pay anything at all if you are just looking for a “backup” file for your Windows XP installation.  You might as well just use a direct link P2P app that you can encrypt traffic on and know who your getting the files from.

In the end BT is free, so its better.  There I said it.



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