Beta Marker – Get Those Beta Releases ASAP

18 09 2006

Beta Marker: Digg those new releases [via] Download Squad

Like playing with beta release software?


Beta Marker is a new social bookmarking site in the Digg mold that’s exactly up Download Squad’s alley, in that it’s just for tracking new software releases, in particular betas. It’s brand new and as such has nothing in the way of critical mass, but browsing through I see some cool betas I didn’t know about, like new releases of Paint Shop Pro and foobar. The site takes more than a few cues from Digg (the “Make your vote count!” box that pops up will look very familiar), but also has a nice style of its own, well-defined categories, handy screenshots, and direct download links. If Beta Marker could pick up a few more users and get some real voting going on, it could be a great asset for download-addicted people like us.

I’m not so big on the beta releases unless they are for Linux.  This site seems to cover all the operating systems.  I like it.




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