Cheney Is Circumventing the WireTaps Court Decision!!

15 09 2006

So I get this in my email today:

9/13/2006 UPDATE: S. 2453, the Cheney-Specter bill, has passed out of
committee on a party-line vote. Tell your Senators to oppose the bill  on
the Senate floor! Please call, for more information visit (People for the American Way).
> From Eric Funk:
> A recent federal court decision has found that the President’s secret
> wiretap program is illegal and unconstitutional.  In the meantime VP
> Cheney and Sen. Specter are making an end run around the ruling with
> Senate Bill 2453.
> In a nutshell, Senate Bill 2453 would allow blanket wiretaps and data
> mining at will. Any challenge could be dismissed for any reason.  The
> administration has already been spying on us illegally. The reason that
> they are now trying to make it OK retroactively, is so that they won’t
> get thrown in jail because of their actions.
> (Same thing for torture by the way – Mr. Cheney is quietly trying to
> retroactively exempt CIA and other officials from anti-torture laws and
> the Geneva Convention so they won’t get tried as war criminals for
> prisoner abuse, particularly for their actions at Abu Ghraib.)
> AR2005102402051.html
> One of the talking points we hear from the Bush administration is that
> “had wiretaps been in place, we could have prevented 9-11.”  This is
> simply not true.  9-11 happened because memos such as “Bin Laden
> determined to attack in US” were ignored.  (In fact this was the actual
> title of the presidential daily briefing on 8/6/2001 – a full month
> before Bin Laden struck).
> The Bush administration has never lacked information. We now know, that
> there were so many warnings about Bin Laden before 9-11, it is  incredible
> that the Bush administration did not act on any of them. And  all this
> information came without illegal wiretaps.
> With Senate Bill 2453 the administration wants the freedom to spy on us
> anytime, anywhere without regard for our constitutional rights.  Once  the
> President has the right to violate our Constitution, is there  anything at
> all that he cannot claim to have the right to do?
> Despite President Bush’s “war on terror” bravado, the Bush  administration
> is actually doing Bin Laden’s work for him by  systematically and
> illegally dismantling our Constitution while doing  their best to keep
> Americans in a perpetual state of fear.
> If we allow our rights to be taken away – there won’t be much left
> worth fighting for and Senate Bill 2453 from VP Cheney and Sen. Arlen
> Specter undoubtedly puts a smile on Bin Laden’s face.
> Now here’s the good news. You can do something about Senate Bill 2453.
> Call Sen. Burns and tell him that you will not be scared into giving up
> your rights, his number is 202-224-2644. Call Sen. Baucus at  202-224-2651
> and let him know that there will never be any good reason  to strip us of
> our Constitutional rights as Senate Bill 2453 seeks to  do.  These are our Senators here in Montana.

You will obviously want to address your concerns with your own State Senators.  The link at the top

of this e-mail directs you to a site where you can effortlessly send an e-mail to your representatives.
> Benjamin Franklin said “It is the first responsibility of every citizen
> to question authority”. Your speaking out against Senate Bill 2453 and
> questioning the actions of a government that the vast majority of
> Americans feel is going down the wrong path, is the patriotic thing to
> do.
> Eric Funk
> Whitefish, MT

I doubt that any amount of calling or letter writing will block this bill.  I have done the whole email my senator and/or congress-person, with very little results.  Usually  automatically generated email, on your behalf by a third party, gets a response that says “please write an email from your own email address”.  So I did that several times.  You know what I got back?  A form email that stated that my senator was actually approving the bill?!?!  Same thing for the congressman.  So I give up.  Is this a representative democracy or a dictatorship or just a giant clusterfuck?  I guess its a little bit of all three.

I DO NOT mean to discourage anyone out there who is writting theri senator or congressman!!!  I’m just saying that I give up until 2008 or Bush is impeached.  If you have the heart to keep on writing, then do it man!!  Cause we all need people that aren’t as lazy as me.
Heart Sad,




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