Brutus Password Cracker – Removed for Homeland Security? (Download)

15 09 2006

Brutus Password Cracker – Download AET2 » [via] darknet

Looks like big brother doesn’t want you to have Brutus.

A lot of people come to Darknet looking for Brutus AET2 ( to download, but unfortunately due to some stupid Homeland security bullshit I actually had to remove the file or risk having no hosting left..


How does homeland security depend on a site based in the UK not hosting a file that is freely available to anyone with the ability to search google?? What a useless gesture by our government. How’s about you guys try and protect our ports by NOT selling them to companies based in foreign countries? Hmm? Maybe give that a try.

Anyhew, Darknet reposted a link to a site that does host the file, so I DL’d it and rapidshare’d it.

Here’s the DL link:

Keep knowledge free!



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15 09 2006


Brutus AET2 – The Remote Password Cracker with Extras [Direct Download]

Well I was scratching my head about this Homeland Security issue for a few minutes and about the fact that I realized even though I had this Brutus AET2 since 2000, actually right before Y2K I believe, I had never bothered to upload it to my site! Damn this was a stupid oversite considering how useful it can still be and it’s legendary popularity has withstood the test of time. And how ironic as that a UK based site would worry about beign pestered adn threatened by Homeland Security??! I thought at first they wrer jsut saying this to hype the infamy of this diabolical brute force tool but then I wanted to be sure of something….
I decided to due a harmless indirect (online scan)of their domain whois record, network whois record, DNS records, service scan and traceroute.Here is the startlign reason they are scared of US Homeland Security from what I gather:

canonical name

addresses 72.21.*.*
(Note I used: *asterisks used to protect their identity ;-))

Queried with “”…

Gareth Davies

Registrant type:
UK Individual

Registrant’s address:
The registrant is a non-trading individual who has opted to have their
address omitted from the WHOIS service.

Registrant’s agent:
Pipex Communications UK Ltd t/a [Tag = 123-REG]

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 23-May-2000
Renewal date: 23-May-2008
Last updated: 27-Mar-2006

Registration status:
Registered until renewal date.

Name servers:

****Here is the Weird Twist and the point to this.**** –>

Look here:

Network Whois record
Queried with “”…

OrgName: Layered Technologies, Inc.
Address: 1647 Witt Road Suite#201
City: Frisco
StateProv: TX
PostalCode: 75034
Country: US

So the hosting is really based in USA adn NOT the UK from what I can see and that is why I looked them up since I had a feeling they weren’t jsut saying that they were or felt threatened for hosting it before they probably REALLY were threatened adn that sucks. I was incliend to believe thm sicne they are a very good and note worthy site of a higher caliber than most and not some lamer upstart like most of the hacker sites floating around in cyberspace. I really do feel pissed that any site would be threatened in such a manner to remove such a valuable pen-testign tool which can also be used to test the strength of oyur on system. The US Dept of Homeland In-Security has absolutely NO business tellign anyone hosted or living in the US what “hackier tools” to remove because it is NOT illegal and the threats they make have no legal basis or merit. What goddamn country do I live in now this isn’t 1984 the book and this draconian shit has got to stop. By the way losers great job on hurricane Katrina rescue you f’ign jackasses!

I got Brutus AET2 with some Extras and everything that was included on the authors site including all the existing .bad files, better known as a [Brutus Application Definition] files that are to be used with it for specific kinds of unique brute force application technics. It’s got some other goodies like wordlists inside hte package so it’s sort of a little starter kit:

VX CHAOS is proudly Mirroring Brutus AET2!

Brutus AET2 – The Remote Password Cracker with Extras [Direct Download]

DHS ain’t messing with my right to host this they can bite my arse! 😉 I guess they think they can make up their own rules as they go along. Ever hear of the ACLU? I am sure they would love to have a talk with you if need be. 😛

– Azag

20 09 2006

I’ll do a post about the Homeland thing sometime, but yeah basically the server is in US so they squeezed the host and the host pulled all my I had to remove everything just to get it back up.

20 09 2006

Man that sucks. Let me know if you need anything mirrored or freehosted or whatever.


21 09 2006

Darknet sorry hear man. Yeah that does suck and what really burns me up is not the laws so much since really there is little restriction in USA, although they are screwing everyone over now in UK with those newer laws that passed (i.e. can’t collect/keep malware no more and blah blah ect..)
What really f*cks people over is the hosting services ToS that is where there is no such thing as free speech whether it is a free service or you pay a $1000 per month for hosting they generally don’t care usually they will and can by their dumb lame-ass contract drop people just the same and there is seemingly not a damn thing anyone can do. These f’ing ToS seem almost universal when you look at various sites. It is tragic that they can make up their own rules and always change them without notice and always have a way out and usually still keep all your money just as with software agreements – EULA shit. This is really sad and and they basically have almost no one to answer to as you also have to agree never to sue the bastards with most of these evil legal ass covering contracts. Sure many of these things could be argued in court but unless you have the money and time to waste it is rarely worth it unless you have a commercial site. So free hosters do overlook some types of files for download such as these for a time but who wants they’re crappy service with all sorts of imposed limits plus when they catch up they delete all your links and files if they deem it inappropriate. F’ them all. Feel free to even hotlink to my mirror for the file if you like. I know how stupid and frustrating these idiots can be. It is extremely hard to find an open minded pro-freedom hoster who has the backbone to allow such things like hacker tools or other controversial materials. Those sites that do exist are a dying breed and often disappear in a short span without notice. Well hang in there man glad to see the site is still going strong and I like those articles a lot. Hope publishing the network scan didn’t piss you off it wasn’t meant in disrespect as I was only trying to make a point and the info is public knowledge as is mine. I wouldn’t post you IP though as that would be rude. Keep up the good work.

When people stomp on my freedom I want to stomp on their face with my boots!
Power to the people not the corporate juggernaut. 😛

– Azag

7 11 2006

just checkin things out

1 12 2006

why do all the downloads of brutus that i find have Win32:Trojan-gen. {Delphi} in them?

Am I missing something, or are peeps just wanting to hack the peeps who download brutus?

4 12 2006


I am afraid you and Avast are missing something.
This is not a trojan nor can it infect you. Here is the scoop. This tool has been around for years and likely all anti-virus companies have a copy of it and those that don’t well that’s just sad. My point being is that this is a hacker/password tool as Kaspersky is nice enough to be honest in pointing out and several other AV companies that aren’t trying to deceive or scare end-users with their software. The truth is they the industry want us to stay far away from such rogue tools/apps and have gone to great lengths to confuse and deceive us…well some have. Some of them are wisign up and changign their ways and gettign with the ‘honesty program’ now though….finally. Many patchers adn keygens and hacker tools will be deceptively identified or even given some cryptic names not tellign the true nature of what they do on your computer. So yes some people will be kept in the dark and scared to run mundane programs that actaully can’t harm data on your pc. Take my Kaspersky scan of the package and the app of interest for example: X:\BruteForce Cracking Tools\Brutus AET2 – The Remote Password Cracker with Extras.rar/Brutus AET2 – The Remote Password Cracker with Extras/

Infected not-a-virus:PSWTool.Win32.Brutus

Notice what it says NOT a virus and that PSWTool means password tool typically referring to a password cracking tool or sometimes a password finder (recovering things like system passwords, keys for OS, games, apps, ect. and soem other similar possiblities.) If you still think avast! is right that is fine but it is not and this trojan identification is either a big false positive or serious deception. Run the file BrutusA2.exe unpacked through the gauntlet of and scan it there and compare results to see what I mean about the deception (and sometimes ignorant false positives) by a few not so seasoned anti-virus scanners. Some will tell the true nature others will not. No offense to you or avast assuming that is what you used. It is a nice av scanner and has come along way but seems it still needs a bit of work on occasion.

Okay lets see who got it right…

VirusTotalVirusTotal is a free file analisys service that works using several antivirus engines.

Select file : DistributeSSL

Enter your email, choose the file to be scanned with multiple antivirus engines and click Send.Menu:
News Hot news in the virus/antivirus sector.
Estadisticas Statistics of VirusTotal procesing.
Virustotal More info about Virustotal.

Complete scanning result of “BrutusA2.exe”,
received in VirusTotal at 12.05.2006, 05:27:17 (CET).

Antivirus Version Update Result
AntiVir 12.04.2006 no virus found
Authentium 4.93.8 12.04.2006 is a security risk or a “backdoor” program
Avast 4.7.892.0 12.04.2006 Win32:Trojan-gen. {Delphi}
AVG 386 12.05.2006 no virus found
BitDefender 7.2 12.05.2006 Application.PWCrack.Brutus.A
CAT-QuickHeal 8.00 12.04.2006 PSWTool.Brutus (Not a Virus)
ClamAV devel-20060426 12.05.2006 Virtool.Brutus
DrWeb 4.33 12.04.2006 no virus found
eSafe 12.03.2006 no virus found
eTrust-InoculateIT 23.73.76 12.05.2006 no virus found
eTrust-Vet 30.3.3230 12.04.2006 no virus found
Ewido 4.0 12.04.2006 Not-A-Virus.PSWTool.Win32.Brutus
Fortinet 12.05.2006 Misc/PWC.Brutus
F-Prot 3.16f 12.04.2006 security risk or a “backdoor” program
F-Prot4 12.04.2006 generic
Ikarus 1.0.26 12.04.2006 HackTool.Win32.Brutus
Kaspersky 12.05.2006 not-a-virus:PSWTool.Win32.Brutus
McAfee 4910 12.04.2006 potentially unwanted program PWCrack-Brutus
Microsoft 1.1804 12.05.2006 no virus found
NOD32v2 1900 12.05.2006 Win32/PSWTool.Brutus
Norman 5.80.02 12.04.2006 no virus found
Panda 12.03.2006 Application/Brutus.A
Prevx1 V2 12.05.2006 RiskWare.PSWTool.Brutus
Sophos 4.12.0 12.04.2006 no virus found
Sunbelt 2.2.907.0 11.30.2006 BrutusAeT
TheHacker 12.04.2006 Aplicacion_no_deseada
UNA 1.83 12.04.2006 no virus found
VBA32 3.11.1 12.04.2006 no virus found
VirusBuster 4.3.15:9 12.04.2006 no virus found

Aditional Information
File size: 679424 bytes
MD5: d6066d187be09b56d917ad3aa63e4874
SHA1: b3a44f9cad31ab32342b8ec277cef80d902000c5
Prevx info:
Sunbelt info: This is a remote online password cracker.

BitDefender (right), CAT-QuickHeal (right), ClamAV (close sort of but NOT a Virus Tool it’s a Hacker Tool lol :-S), Ewido (right), Fortinet (right), F-Prot (deceptive and generic unfortunate and not good info), Ikarus (right), Kaspersky (right but confusing to n00bz =p), McAfee (confusing but acceptable), NOD32v2 (right – *see Kaspersky comment*), Panda (right it is an app and not a trojan), Prevx1 (right but *controversial in their site’s description on it), Sunbelt (right that is what it is but description on site not checked I wonder if they bother telling you it’s nature? …not checked), TheHacker (ummm Que? Application nonwished – acceptable? but generic and not very good as we don’t know WHY! Is it dangerous? If no why don’t I want it because I could use it for neferious ddeds like hacking or pen-testing my own network security OMG! =P We can’t have any of that…).
Sunbelt info: Excellent and tells me the nature and truth nice and without bias.

Prevx info: Well intended and thought out community experience and info compiled but lacking in total truth and a bit clouded on this one. Controversial just as this app/hacker tool/password tool (PSWTool) is…and understandably so, I suppose. They do good work and I like their concept of user input and unique nature of the prevx approach to malware and IDS/IPS still. Much work to go but it is very useful system in my opinion. The online scan will not do it great justice though because of it’s very nature I think.

Hope this makes things a bit clearer on this little tool for you and others. My opinions are of course my own but rooted in a decent depth of experince with testing these sort of tools and my experience in testign many anti-viruses over the years. Your mileage may vary… Stay safe, stay secure, stay alert, stay open-minded and seek truth. L8rz…

– Azag

4 12 2006

Almost forgot those antiviruses that said “no virus found” were also correct. 😉

20 12 2006

Ok Azag, thankyou for clearing this up and spending the time in writing up your report.
Merry christmas to you all, and have a happy new year 🙂

20 12 2006

Question, how do I get my antivirus to stop removing what it terms as “Hacking Tools” or “Hacker Tool”. It won’t delete them on download, but a system scan deletes them no matter what I do. I use Norton , yes I know its lame, but it came with the system works pakage and I like the tools that it has to optimize my PC.

Maybe I should just keep all my hacking stuff in linux.

Can’t wait for backtrack 2.0 final to come out!!

4 01 2007

does anybody have any information on cracking facebook passwords??

11 06 2007

How can you download brutus it won’t permit, the file contains nothing.

5 08 2007

give the tools. . . . .

18 08 2007
18 08 2007

Turn off your stuff. Norton makes false alarms. This is clean. Virus Total says so also.


Be careful

30 10 2007

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30 10 2007

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2 11 2007

I cant download it. People, plz give one direct link with brutus or send me the link on my mail:
thank you

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27 11 2007

how to download it? i confused with it… people pliz help me…:s

23 12 2007

I love you, azag for your report! It saved me!
And for all of u gyus here is a new working download link:

24 02 2008

How to use Brutus??? Need help? Tutorial?

26 04 2008

link of, please, outher link for dow

15 07 2008

Hey, I can’t download it. The link is erro, so please help me to download Brutus. Hope you guys are kinds for this 🙂

25 07 2008

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5 05 2009

does anyone have the working link for brutus-aet2 to download?

Please send me to my email

Thank you

3 06 2009

Hello All,

Not a single link working!!!!!!!!!!!

Anybody has a downloadable for brutus?? please email me the link.

8 07 2009

My friend just got arrested and he often used brutus
amongst many other joint items.

18 08 2011

Can you please delete the message which was posted with my name, posted the 7th november 2007 at 7h44. It was an impersonating.

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