BSkyB Halts Film Downloads Over Software Cracks *Download FreeUse4WM* (:-D)

12 09 2006

BSkyB halts film downloads over software cracks |
This both sucks and is awesome at the same time:

Satellite broadcaster BSkyB has temporarily shut down its fledgling broadband film service after software provided by Microsoft was cracked, enabling the digital protection to be stripped.

The problem, caused by hacking software FreeUse4WM, also affected sports clips on the Sky by broadband service, which was launched in January.

“We took this step as a precaution after Microsoft said it was working on an update to its digital rights management software, which is used to protect content on Sky by broadband against unauthorised copying or distribution,” a Sky spokesman said on Tuesday.

He declined to comment on when the broadband service, which was halted on August 31, would be up and running, deferring questions to Microsoft.

The software giant said it was devising another patch, after already having rushed out an earlier one when the initial software was cracked. A new version of FreeUse4WM broke through the patch.

Get your copy of FreeUse4WM here:
MD5: 286B5B1D2D757F3C940A4F4013A6F8CA

I made a rapidshareDL link just in case this app magically disappears.

I honestly think this is “Piss Yourself Funny” tag worthy for the following reasons.

  1. I just supplied you all with the app that they are getting all snippy about.
  2. Do they really think that their handfull of bought and paid for programmers can stand toe to toe with nearly an unlimeted amount of hackers working on a way to crack their DRM? They so crazy.
  3. DRM is a thing of the past. Managed Copy Protection is what can really make a good hacker scratch his head. Why do you think it took so long to get the PSP hacks to work?
  4. I have told everyone in the industry that I know that DRM is useless for reason number two listed above.
  5. Its just funny.
    • I mean cmon, who’d they think they were selling to? Their core market is a bunch of computer savvy folk who want the ability to do what they want with their paid for product.

Silly content providers, you cannot completely protect your product. Someone, somewhere will always find a hack to disable your fruitless efforts.

Pro Tip: Stop making your price points so friggin high!! I mean 10-20 US Dollars for a movie that will only play on your PC with shitty compression?!?! WTF did they think would happen?

Pro Tip2: If you are going to include some sort of DRM or CPM or anything that hinders the use of a product that someone pays for, make it so simple to share and share alike that no one will bother to hack it, unless they are really bored (HA HA: the blog you’re reading right now is for those bored people, well it made me laugh)
Well that’s my $1.95 worth of advice. I assure you no one will listen, as many have probably said the same thing before me.

Hack on fellow bored people!!



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