Small Exploit Collection (Downloads)

11 09 2006

exploits via Matt The Exloit

This is pretty much it:

Mte eXploits

myspace as many friends as you want — &friendCount=0&userName=
myspace (comment sproof) —[rewrite html]
data:text/html myspace XSS —data:text/html;Hex,
myspace- (Any amount of guests) —option value=”3000″>+ 1 Guest
myspace Extended Headline —maxlength=”5000″
myspace unhashed forum —(unhashed)
myspace text include —write any kind of text (bypass filter)
myspace xss in games —challenge.cfm?id=&game=E89B76BC
myspace online now buffer xss ---fast remote iframe xss (GETurl)
myspace xss in blog mytoken ---blogID=0&Mytoken=
End of new myspace exploits

Altavista xss exploit --- ?itag=ody&q=
blockbuster xss --- LoadAdvancedSearchAction.action
Internet Explorer CSS buffer overflow --- divspan
Internet Explorer javascript Buffer overflow --- var alert steal ip --- View the post log (ip) of every image upload xss? ---possible remote inclusion or xss XSS ---search.jsp?nasaInclude=
Netscape 4.77 Buffer overflow ---html Font memory leak XSS XSS ---?adv=1& XSS ---usearch_exe?txt_keyword=">

Enjoy.   I highly suggest you watch their flash INTRO
Hack on fellow bored people!!



3 responses

16 10 2006
Inj3kt0r f0rg3

for the sake of clarity I would not use any tags. It of opinion that html is a contagious language of sort ..whatever…men I found your site by doing a link back from chaos and all…and i must say i’m glad i did …i will be frequenting here often ( malware or no malware to infect me I dont care :p ) i just want to say it a nice sight, pretty good…thanks mate..cheers

8 01 2007

Thanks for link 😉

15 06 2012

Some genuinely nice and utilitarian information on this internet site, besides I think the layout contains superb features.

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