“not for public release” -.edu -.gov -.mil (Google Hack Search)

11 09 2006

“not for public release” -.edu -.gov -.mil
Following on the heels of my last google hack (ie advanced search) post “confidential “do not distribute” – Google Search link via Reddit“. I found this hack on http://johnny.ihackstuff.com/.

“not for public release” -.edu -.gov -.mil

Again the really surprising thing is that there is so much information that comes up via the search and that the search is so friggin simple (don’t even need advanced search options like inurl:index)!11!1!1!

Just goes to show you that people still don’t understand that once you put something on the net, its there forever and doing a search to find it is not illegal. So watch what you put out there, OR keep going on as if you had never seen this so we can all see you private info.

Hack on fellow bored people.



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12 09 2006

I guess my add on was already slightly outdone as expected but I am sure a lot of people have come up with some really interesting search variations of the original. ;p

I like these 3 strings but 2 was found pretty useless sadly:

"top secret" "ECHELON" -.edu -.gov -.mil

These two yield the say exact crappy results:

"not for public release" "ECHELON" -.edu -.gov -.mil

"not for public release" ECHELON -.edu -.gov -.mil

No doubt this search above was deleted dry by govt adn/or Google cleaning house sicne I am betting before “Jam ECHELON Day” the list of results was certainly stronger than this.

With this next one I intend not military/govt stuff but actually suppressed or rare books on magick just for laughs but surprisingly found a confidential O.T.O. Thelemic text and then just simple backspaced last part of URL to dive right into the directory (no ‘403 Forbidden’ code luckily in this case and still all to commonly so) which is a nice little treasure trove I will manipulate teh search string a bit more to get more rare goodies but quite happy with the results. Many texts found. They will be added to my site too if deemed worthy after looking over some. ;p

How very odd this worked out well:

"not for public release" magick -.edu -.gov -.mil

I just realized the original string has some marketing potential as well as potential (although not great with less than 1 million results second thought maybe not?) to lure hackers into exploited page traps and in essence one could then hack the hacker if he was vulnerable to some evil script(s). That would be rather ironic although unlikely, even a simple clipboard stealer script and IP logger and header (referral info is key also) would be enough for potential mayhem if say the person was just in their webmail client. 😉 Though unlikely you could in theory bait a few suckers with this social engineering to visit your site especially if you could pull a high rank in google first then the odds good up. This also has some nasty spyware, spam and even phishing potentials for the curious, hackers and conspiracy theorists which is just bad news. Hopefully I didn’t give some idiot spammer any ideas that they already wouldn’t stoop too anyway. I do however hope someone leaks some black ops or UFO info in one of these searches by accident if they hadn’t already. If they were to find any really juice info that got leaked by the govt by such similar searches let’s hope someone finds it. I would only hope to be so lucky but hey I don’t care so much who finds it as much as I do that it’s made public. I would love seeing ‘Big Brother’ squirm under the microscope, they are certainly doing worse things to many on a daily basis right now. So let us see if what comes around goes around. And by that I mean I hope ‘they get caught with their pants down’ and ‘without a leg to stand on’ like ECHELON but hoping this time people will notice and not call it falsely and incorrectly “wiretapping” because that is something for which they get a legal court order only and can’t just do without proper paperwork and permissions, well not legally anyhow, mass wiretapping on a grand scale with no permission asked or granted because it is highly illegal and immoral and is not limited to “wire” but multiple mediums of eavesdropping with no limit and being done by US in conjunction with it’s allies this is also against international laws ?? Yes? so how is shitting on very documents that govern my country and keep power in check helping me? Hmm, it’s not it was totally planned bullshit that they take our rights and the rights of non-US citizens as well. Happy day the CIA and FBI got it’s Christmas wish list and I only got a lump of coal haha. 😉
Please keep me safe NWO your my only hope
……of enslavement that is.
I want the things I enjoyed about this country back that I remember having that is all, the FREEDOM and JUSTICE for ALL we once had is not that much to ask, that and stop stomping out other countries governments in the name of greed and walking away from the wreckage after setting up a puppet government of our own leaders designs. I guess this is were the evils of “Manifest Destiny” got us. Hey America, you’ve come a long way baby! Let’s go have a smoke break now. x_x

{Tangent time expired…}


/join #NWO

Azag has joined # NWO

/msg F*ck You Mr.Cheney!


{{{Azag slaps Mr.Cheney with a mackerel}}}

{{{Azag is shot in the face by Mr.Cheney’s hunting rifle}}}

Ouch! that’s kinda ruff don’t u think? stupid prick..grrr

That was some fictional stupidity in obvious portions above due to boredom. Feel free to delete or edit this post if you feel it is either way to off topic or just to offensive and I will understand. 🙂

– Azag

12 09 2006

Hmmm, I should have put bottom part in code tags so it would have shown the names. Well probably better off. ROFLMAO
I don’t need to get really visited and shot in the face so never mind.;)

Let the flame broiling of me commence!
Like I care. 😛

– Azag

22 09 2006

Hey ECHELON is that a BoT in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Think the government doesn’t scan for posts like this one think again.
Looks like one of ECHELON’s data mining bots noticed this page! 😛

NOT joking dead serious actually and just lost a very elaborate lengthy explanation I had spent at least 45 minutes writing but my browser/editor had simply closed for no good reason unless I hit wrong hot-key or something by accident. Well never mind the long story. People can do there own google searches and figure out the conclusions and ramblings I was to write. Let others add two and two and draw their own conclusions. If I have time I will elaborate as I have accumulated and gleaned much from this little visitor. I will mention that by the typical use in monitoring, as I understand them, when ECHELON works (if this is in fact them) they use a data miner form a different country, in the Allied nations with USA, to scan you from. In other words you would not be monitored by a data miner bot from the USA if you live in the USA sicne it is outsourced and tasked to a different country so legal reasons to cover their ass and confuse and misdirect you but they all share the data with one another and the info goes back to the actual interested country who’s intent it was to monitor you. In other words the US would receive the US citizens data from a third party (different country and made plausible deniability easier to handle and hide the true operation form the target victim. And I say it is in my opinion but I challenge someone knowledgeable to show me if I am in error. Very tired so hope that made sense. 😉

HERE is the visit of DIGger2 our bot friend left me a little log:

9:16:07 PM Got 652 bytes
9:16:07 PM Request dump
GET /Uploads/VX%20CHAOS%20Banners%20and%20Link%20Code/vx-chaos.png HTTP/1.1
Host: vxchaos.cjb.net
Connection: keep-alive
User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20060909 Firefox/
Accept: image/png,*/*;q=0.5
Accept-Language: en-us,en;q=0.5
Accept-Encoding: gzip,deflate
Accept-Charset: ISO-8859-1,utf-8;q=0.7,*;q=0.7
Referer: https://themostboringblogintheworld.wordpress.com/2006/09/11/not-for-public-release-edu-gov-mil-goggle-hack-search/
Forwarded: by http://wilbur.dsto.defence.gov.au:8080 (Netscape-Proxy/3.52)
Via: 1.0 netcache (NetCache NetApp/5.5R1), 1.1 DIGger2 (NetCache NetApp/5.5R5)
9:16:10 PM Served 14.12 KB

The resolves to digger2.defence.gov.au what an appropiate name. It’s actual function sounds fairly common sense but do use google to decide. I don’t want to be saying something more without proof.
Hey this could simply be a Aussie DoD person to who wanted to visit since they were curious about this page and it’s keywords but than again their system could have flagged the site for further investigation by a human operator too. I will as I said let other draw their own conclusions. 🙂

An interesting visit for you don (as well as me…well at least my banner anyhow) to say the least. 😛

Don’t forget to google key words for more info and have fun. L8rz…

– Azag

Edit: I entered this entire text into the box and it sent 3 times now and dissappeared as if it was never entered. upon re-entering the text the 2nd and 3rd tiem yesterday that wrodpress system assured me I already entered it and said it was a duplicate entry and yet not one of the posts even showed up on the page. Not even a blank entry just no entry sa if I never sent anything. Tell me something is not up with that. Today I will try again once more let’s hope this actually gets through and is not myteriously delted or intercepted? I am not just even being paranoid about this because if I was I would never have sent this comment to the blog, out of fear, if that was the case. Let the government be transparent and comment themsleves about why they visited if they wish. I am betting a cat got their tongue though but let us see. Maybe they will answer on their own behalf. Maybe they just come to visit this site on their lunch break to see bouncing boobbs but again I somehow doubt it. Perhaps time will tell… 😉

22 09 2006

sorry about the delay. when there are more than 2 links in a comment it automatically gets pushed aside for “moderation”. However, I only just received the notification…

How would one block those bots? Or attract so many that… I have a naughty idea.

22 09 2006

I see now. Before I did not see the normal msg which says waiting for moderation or some such msg which normally appears but maybe I was just really overtired and missed it. No big deal.

Anyway attracting “Them” is not the hard part although I think some people with their “Jam ECHELON” idea have their keyword list wrong and I am sure it is in flux and quite easy to update. No doubt it is very much impossible to “jam” ECHELON no matter how many people are trying to hammer it with the “magic” keywords. 😉
If this was even ever possible it would have been years ago when the program was in infancy and would probably have taken millions or more people spamming it. But this is all a hypothetical stretch and since there is likely nodes dotted across the globe in several countries I think the load balance issue for them would be a non-issue as much as some would like to think otherwise. As a simple rule of thumb I think of it this way anything you think the government has developed is wrong since in the case of the USA and others they are always 10 or 20 years past your best guess in their development. Meaning things like our best encryption publicly available encryption scheme commonly in use say 4096 bit is easily broken in minutes. Yes just a guess but likely I am right from what the few spooks I have overheard mention. Technology most people think is either on the fringe beginning of development has by them been employed for years. That is the reality. I am quite certain though that they cannot break quantum encryption using photons but than again this isn’t available to the public yet anyhow. This will be the one that no one can break unless the program itself is flawed. But that is different the key breaking I don’t think is even possible no matter how many brainiac crackers you have working on it. Okay this is a bad tangent…

Attracting them more than one at a time. That may take some doing. But one at a time isn’t to hard as you can see from the reaction to home in on the strings used in your post. I will have to think about this one. Don’t expect flooding them can be done but attracting them like a honeypot would work. I have seen this same bot on other logs with google search it looks for words so much so that I think it is trying to learn more language and is possible AI and fully aware why else would it suck up a directory called /nouns/ for fun??!

Blocking more than just this one is tricky but would simply take a filtering. You could likely block most with a .htaccess file or similar that blocks all *.gov and *.mil also any wildcards with things like .gov embedded in the address, I suppose. I am not a network or privacy guru of these things so you may want to ask around more elite circles for better more accurate info. I will do some sniffing around to see what I can find but I am in learning mode on this one. I don’t see it as being to troublesome to block them though since I see they don’t seem to be so crafty as to use mundane looking IP addresses like residential ones or common looking canonical names. Then again I think the DOD has it’s hands in some fake yet real looking GoogleBots that hunt around pretending to index in site. Yet when you try doing an ID on them it fails on lookup but identifies it as belonging to Google?
Like this one I’m unsure of so I ran a trance on him since it was not the IP of a GoogleBot I was used to seeing.

Here he is:

Address lookup
lookup failed
Could not find a domain name corresponding to this IP address.

Domain Whois record
Don't have a domain name for which to get a record
Network Whois record
Queried whois.arin.net with ""...
OrgName: Google Inc.
Address: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
City: Mountain View
StateProv: CA
PostalCode: 94043
Country: US

NetRange: -
NetName: GOOGLE-2
NetHandle: NET-66-102-0-0-1
Parent: NET-66-0-0-0-0
NetType: Direct Allocation
NameServer: NS1.GOOGLE.COM
NameServer: NS2.GOOGLE.COM
RegDate: 2002-07-03
Updated: 2003-08-13

RTechHandle: ZG39-ARIN
RTechName: Google Inc.
RTechPhone: +1-650-318-0200
RTechEmail: arin-contact@google.com

OrgTechHandle: ZG39-ARIN
OrgTechName: Google Inc.
OrgTechPhone: +1-650-318-0200
OrgTechEmail: arin-contact@google.com

Service scan
FTP - 21 Error: TimedOut
SMTP - 25 Error: TimedOut
HTTP - 80 HTTP/1.0 502 Bad Gateway
Date: Mon, 01 May 2006 04:35:34 GMT
Content-Type: text/html
Server: GFE/1.3
Connection: Close
Content-Length: 1403
POP3 - 110Error: TimedOut
NNTP - 119Error: TimedOut

As I said this IP was an unknown to me and I have a nasty tendency for keeping track of who is who so I don’t kick my friends or a Bot indexing my site off my server by accident. This was likely just an real worker for Google simply poking around to see the site for themselves or maybe to see if with all those entries and pages that I wasn’t just trying to spam the search engine with keywords somehow rather than provide real content. Which I am not. Yet those who are still have positions well ahead of me with nothing but words and no actual content so go figure.
I think it is common knowledge by now that Google is under pressure to give government access so no surprise as it is and will keep happening. Look how they crippled their engines for the Chinese government. Which is very sad. I would not put it past them to not only give up records but to give them some bots to play with for covert access and data mining as well for spying. This is not a far stretch. Look how Microsoft and US government was making deals to backdoor all the new OS which is also common knowledge for those paying attention to such things. MS can shove Vista straight up their ass as far as I’m concerned, but this has been attempted many times long before XP and Vista fro my memory it was discussed from Win ME onward but don’t quote me on that. Public outcry from privacy organizations pushed for this to never happen but did they really succeed?
Do most people ever clean (as a rather flimsy example) their index.dat and other .dat files and similar such database files which never flush themselves without specialty third party tools which are meant
to enhance our privacy and eliminate such evidence tracks. Some other stuff is stored which has hidden paths which are only accessible from command line with the exact path and the directory is not unhideable neither by Windows nor by cmd line/ dos prompt. Only exact paths entered in command line reveal them and only if you no these ultra secret locations. This info I found about these hidden paths by accident years ago while using a search engine. But this is still not well known and in older OS no less!


Google gives government access

And here was an interesting attempt I made for fun:

Google gives government leased access

Here was a good article found:

Ask the Law Geek: How the government (doesn’t) read your email

Well this was all good for a laugh or two. 😉

Hope to have better info for you in the near future and less speculation. I could give more and better examples of some of the previous hype I brought up on the governments true technological reach but I am tired right now and want to watch tv and relax for a change. And tomorrow off to the bar for drinks. Have a good weekend. L8rz… 🙂

– Azag

“Censorship is for those that don’t want to hear, see or seek the truth!”


All Rights Reserved (c) 2006

29 03 2008
21 09 2008

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1 12 2008
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6 09 2009
Victor P. Alvarado

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