At Ground Zero Five Years Later

11 09 2006

At Ground Zero, Clear Skies Echo a Day of Terror – New York Times

I feel great sorrow for all those affected by the september 11th attacks.


The ceremonies honoring the dead began at 8:40 a.m. — six minutes before the time when the first jet struck the north tower — but many people arrived much earlier.There were parents with their children, dressed in their Sunday best; police officers and firefighters clad in crisp blue, freshly pressed uniforms; volunteer workers from the Red Cross huddled in prayer.

People wore photographs, on T-shirts or around their necks, of those who died in the attacks. Some clutched flowers. The mood was subdued and quiet.

The Schertzer family arrived at ground zero at 6:30 am. They lost their son Scott, who was 28 and worked on the 104th floor of the north tower.

“It doesn’t get easier,” said Scott’s father, Paul Schertzer, 62. “You learn to live with it and go through the next day.”

One day, we will have peace. I hope.



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