How To: Create An Unnamed Undeleteable File

10 09 2006

All credit goes to EVILOPINIONS and devil_views who wrote the post

I always knew you could do this but I never knew why:

Making undeletable, unreadable folders

By holding down alt, then typing numbers on the number pad (right of the keyboard) you can create special characters. If you hold down alt, then press 1, then let go, you got the ascii character 1. You try some randomn numbers. This goes all the way up to 255. Open a dos prompt, and type md (alt+1+9+4)someword. md is the dos command to make a directoy, now try and open the directory in Windows, you can’t. To open it, type ren (alt+1+9+4)someword someword (ren is the dos command to rename)

I use this at work because sometimes I just don’t want people poking their noses in my business, especially if its work that they want to take credit for.  Also, they get all pissy if you create a truecrypt virtual disc.



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15 06 2012

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