A Monarch’s Dire Warning About the Middle East

10 09 2006

A Monarch’s Dire Warning About the Middle East link [via] TIME.com

This article reports on King Abdullah (of Jordan) and his views on the Palestinian problem.


…he drew a dark picture of a region consumed by conflicts old and new, threatened by emerging Sunni-Shiite tensions and at risk of being completely destabilized if the U.S. attacks Iran. “I believe the Lebanese war dramatically opened all our eyes to the fact that if we don’t solve the Palestinian issue, the future looks pretty bleak for the Middle East,” he said. “I’m one of the most optimistic people you’ll come across. For the first time, I started becoming pessimistic towards the region.”

Without urgent diplomatic efforts that yield tangible results to achieve peace between Israelis and Palestinians, “I don’t think there will ever be a Palestinian state,” he said. “By 2007, if we don’t see something that reassures all of us–the international community, the Israelis, the Arabs and the Palestinians–then I think we are doomed to another decade or decades of violence between Israelis and Arabs, which affects everybody.”


“There needs to be some sort of Palestinian integral, geographic state, today and not tomorrow.”

But moderates pushing for a peaceful settlement, the King [explained], have been “neutralized” because of the stagnation in Arab-Israeli negotiations. “I don’t think people are taking us seriously,” he said. “A lot of the moderate countries are feeling isolated.

I agree with King Abdullah. The moderate muslim states and figures that oppose violence are marginalized by their own people and the world at large. I say MARGINALIZED because NO ONE LISTENS. All we want to hear is violence and war, and by we I mean most of the citizens of the world. We let the major media outlets dictate how we see the world and pay no attention to those moderate muslims who have intelligent and important things to say. WHo’s fault is that, you might ask? Its everyone’s fault. It’s the media’s fault for only reporting sensationalism and its the citiznes’s of the world’s fault for being complacent enough to think that major corporations will tell us the whole story and be “Fair and Balanced”. It takes hard work and determination to stay fully informed on ANYTHING and we as are dropping the ball there. However, the major media corps are killing us all by pandering to the lowest common denomonator, ratings.

As for what King Abdullah says about the world being doomed by 2007, I have no comment. He could be right for all I know. However, the brave thing is that he spoke out on behalf of all the moderate muslim states that want peace without violence. So shokran King Adullah for your wisdom and your words. Inshalla there will be peace.

Major Kudos to Time magazine for publishing this article, I never would have thought that Time would be so sophisticated.

Please see my post on King Abdullah (of Saudi Arabia) and his dream of returning the islamic world back into a beacon for intelectual pursuit and peace.
Saudi Arabia’s Moment for Redemption?



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