Hacking Tutorial For Beginners – Windows XP Security

8 09 2006

Tutorial For Beginners – Windows XP Security [via] TAZ Forum post by dinowuff

Looking at the last tutorial i posted I realized that many people probably don’t know alot about Windows XP security vulnerabilities.
Read the Intro:

This Windows XP tutorial is for those who are first time computer users or users who have had NO training. This is not a blind HOW TO. The first thing you need to know about computer security is that no matter how secure a system, if the system connects to another system it is vulnerable to attack. And by vulnerable I mean it’s there. Just like your car is vulnerable to theft, even though it’s locked away in your garage with the doors locked and the alarm on, someone can still try to steal it.

All words in bold are key words you should search on if you are interested in learning more about the topic. 

Its as simple as you can get right from the start.

Here’s a little taste:

Ports and Services.
So you’re trying to find out how to “secure” your PC and everything you read says turn off all unnecessary services and close unused ports. Yea RIGHT, what’s a port? Where are these services and how do I turn them off? Do this, give your PC the good ‘ol three finger salute – CTRL+ALT+DELETE (hold down the three keys at once). Now click on the Task Manager Button. Now click the Processes tab. You see all of those weird names listed in the box? Those are services, well at least some are. The majority of the Processes end with .exe, and control how you computer works. For example, see the services.exe process. services.exe is a part of the Microsoft Windows Operating System and manages the operation of starting and stopping other services. This process also deals with the automatic starting of services during the computers boot-up and the stopping of services during shut-down. Google or www.liutilities.com is a great resource for finding out what all of these services do. Be warned – if a virus ever used any of these services, that will be noted. Don’t freak out thinking you have a virus. I know of at least 50 viruses that infected or used the services.exe program.

For all you n00bs out there (we were all one at one point in time or another) I HIGHLY reccomend you read the rest of this small and informative tutorial.




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9 09 2006

plzprovide the fie again &if possible in written document

9 09 2006

@ Akash
There is no file. Its all in the forum post that is linked in this post. Sorry for the miscommunication.

13 06 2007

Ok im sure u get plenty of noobs hopin on this comment box lookin for the easy way in, so i figure u should be used to it by now. Ive been bein fucked with by severl hackers that had pretty much taken control of my last comp. Im just lookin for a way to repay the favor and so on. Ive always been intrested just never took the time. I need help knowing were to start. Any ideas?

8 03 2014

figure out what this means 0x00000ag1(Just an example.) Study servers. Learn to connect two systems(I.e. PC to router, PC to PC manually) Learn protocals on the first 3 layers of the osi model. Study batch files as well as bash files and their differences. Learn atleast 5 computer languages. learn binary.

22 06 2007


25 03 2009

Very gud bro. thnx very much reading it right now. will definetely read whole thing

12 04 2009

Good article to get started 😉 and we wern’t n00bs, we were newbs.
newbs – begginers
n00bs – people who are to stupid to learn.

24 02 2011
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Nice article. Very helpful for me.

7 04 2014
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