Free Encryption Security Certificates for AIM! (Download + HACK)

8 09 2006

AIM Encrypt – Free Encryption Security Certificates for AIM!

I see multiple uses for this security certificate many include vulnerabilities and hacking.


Why do I want AIM Security?AIM is known to not have the best security, or any for that matter. If someone on your network is using a “packet sniffer” or other type of traffic analyzing tool they can see your AIM conversations and read them word for word. AIM Security using SSL Certificates makes your conversation appear much like trash to anyone analyzing what you type much like “Sw43jg73js7HSkg8Skeq3k65” instead of “Hello Friend”. This certificate encodes the message so only the sender and the receiver can read the message. But still please use common sense and don’t send credit card numbers, etc. over IM, this should only make you about “this” much safer on the internet, and make you feel cool having a padlock next to your name.

So, lets say you get the certificate and download it.

  1. Download AIM Encrypt signed certificates in a zip file for AIM HERE. Save the zip file in My Documents.
    (DO NOT use the OPEN feature in IE)
  2. Unzip both of the files to your computer, in a place you will know how to get to. My Documents is easiest. (*no you cannot run them from the zip.) If you have Windows XP open/double click and drag the files into My Documents [you may delete these after installing].
  3. Go into the folder you downloaded the files to (ex: My Documents),
    double click on the file with the .crt extension (1-AIMEncrypt_com-v4.crt).

Now you have a certificate that you can hack the shit out of.  Now you have a free pass to mess with other people’s AIM, and maybe AOL in general.  Your target will think you have a valid encryption cert from AIM, but in fact you have your hacked cert that allows you to do whatever you want. (Note I have no clue how to do this hack so I hope someone out there posts a tutorial ASAP)

Hack on fellow bored people!!

* Note this is for proof of concept purposes only, if anyone decides to use this idea for malicious or illegal attacks, themostboringblogintheworld and its proprietors will not be held responsible for your actions.  Also, please note, that I post hacks and vulnerabilities so EVERYONE has access to them, including the companies that own the software that is vulnerable.  I do this to increase awareness of the problem so that the vulnerable software can be patched.  I am not a black hat hacker by any means.



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