Another Reason To Hate Bill O’Reilly – Jeremy Glick Interview (Video)

8 09 2006

Jeremy Glick is the son of Jeremy Glick, the Flight 93 hero during 9/11 who made the brave words “Let’s Roll” famous.

Here’s how Bill O’Reilly treats the son of a national hero.

I know this interview occured quite some time ago, but nearing the 5th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, I thought it poignant.

Jeremy, if you read this or see this post, good on ya mate.  Your father is a true hero and your views are your views.  Many blessings for you and your family.



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10 09 2006

In keeping with therealdonquixote’s prayers well sort of…???

This is what came to mind:

Bill O’Reilly here’z yer sign!

No I am not a Bapitist nor even Christian (nor any other organized religion for that matter) so this may even offend people a bit but what the Hell…speaking of which well I know were some may think I will be or should be going to afforementioned infernal realm. This is fine I will send you a post card if or when I get there! 🙂

Mmmmm, that’s blasphemelitious! =P

– Azag

18 09 2006

Jeremy Glick, son of Jeremy Glick is my hero. He tore Bill O’Reilly a new one. Good for him. He exposed some of the truth, good for him. O’Reilly did not want to discuss the truth, and told him to “Shut up?” He told them to cut the mic? What a stupid rude jerk he is. What I would like say to O’Reilly is “Shut the fuck up!”
Yaaay for the hero’s of this nation who will speak the truth! O’Reilly lost his cool big time. Jeremy Glick had his facts together, and O’Reilly lost his cool. He’s such a fool. I hope he reads this.

18 09 2006

Me too. I wonder if I could send him the link or an email or a letter or something. The I HATE BILL O’REILLY page should be brought up on his show.

Watch out bill da Jebus is comin to getchoo!!

3 01 2007

Bill O’Reilly is a complete idiot, he wouldnt get airtime in any other country in the world.

3 01 2007

Exactly mu thoughts. Bill O’reilly is pure entertainment for angry conservatives. He offers no solutions. He only offers hate and a “good” show for the fans. Only in America. But that freedom also allows us to have the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. Its simply a matter of choice weather people will just stop watching the boogie many and then he’ll fade away.

Then we can all get the real news from comedy central, and or Keith Olberman!! I heart KO, he’s got balls of solid brass and he is not afraid of this administration after two false bioterror attacks via the mail. That’s balls.

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