7 09 2006 (no registration but you could get the collectors login and get points!! :P) :

  • 100mb file size limit (300 mb multi file upload limit) = Meh
  • No storage limit = Awesome
  • No bandwidth limit = Awesome
  • Slow downloads = frustration
  • Download tickets = WTF?

With registration (free) gives you:

  • 6gigs of storage = better than gMail with the drive shell, but still a limit
  • 150mb file size limit = largest I could find = #1
  • A 30gig a month bandwidth limit = pretty good for free, the other ones are all like 2gig limits

Conclusion, it depends on what you want to do. If you are planning on a large bandwidth usage then go rapidshare. However if you don’t really care about the bandwidth then go eggdisk. No waiting for download tickets like rapidshare.

Eggdisk seems to be the best free registered service I could find so far. Everything else had a small file size limit and and a teeny tiney download/bandwidth limit.

Any suggestions?



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18 09 2006


i didnt hear of before.

gotta give it a try 🙂

13 11 2006

Have you heard about ?

13 11 2006

Have you looked at they are much better then eggdisk.

14 11 2006

I`ve heard about
Nice place for uploading different files, and by the way now they give premium account for free!!!!

14 11 2006
Lolo is realy good. 500 Mb without premium account. But speed is not very high.

14 11 2006

))) I ment …..
the other site i didn’t try! )))

6 12 2006

I once knew of a cashier,
who had run a money scam,
and made quite alot of money.

No one was hurt,
and no real loss incurred by anyone.
They said they ran it like this:
When giving change to customers,
if it’s change where they get 3 quarters back,
and some odd other change,
just give customer 2 quarters back instead of 3.

Then you must keep track of it,
in order to know how much you need
to take from the register at night.

Here’s how you keep track:
for every quarter you dont give someone,
you put a penny in the extra change slot
that is inside your register.
Or if you dont have one, put it in with the bills.

when you get 10 pennies,
replace the pennies with a dime.
then at end of night,
count and multiply by .25 and there ya go.
Then at the end of the night,
she would sneak the total of the extra cash
in her long sleeve,
and the plan is that if cashier was seen doing that,
just say you traded your own personal small bills
for bigger ones, and hey you can count it cause
it’s all there and it will be!

This person used to make an extra $30 a day
doing this.
Something like one out of 5 customers they did this to.
Sure they occasionally got the smart customer
that noticed,
but then cashier just acted dumb and say oops,
and remember to not do it to them again.

This person hasnt done this for years and years,
but I thought it was very clever.

Anyone heard of a better one,
where no one gets hurt?

6 12 2006

@ Bogus
I hope you’re trying to make a point with that little fable of yours. Otherwise, its a bit out of place.

However, my only question is, if you’re going to steal from the customers then why keep track of how many you’ve stolen from? Or is it because you snag the quarters at the end of the day? If you do get the quarters at the end of the day, wouldn’t someone notice you taking extra quarters out of your drawer? Also, why quarters? A quarter is the first thing people look for in their change, if they look at all. Honestly most people probably would just rather throw away the pennies, knickles and dimes. Wait, that gives me an idea…

How about a “Tip Jar” that allows people to throw away their useless small change like pennies and dimes and stuff?!?!? HUH?!?! This could work.

Just joshin ya. Don’t steal, its naughty.

7 12 2006

Hello therealdonquixote,

I’m not sure what the point is,
sorry its out of place.
This is a very cool sight!

She wasn’t keeping track of how many customers,
but rather counting the money total.
she did do occasional dime too,
but pennies and nickles, cmon,
they are a non-profit waste of time.
Profit minded person.

“She” had good luck with having customers
be none the wiser,
because she would engage them in conversation,
and be talking or asking a question
right when the change was given.

As far as how the money was taken at end of day,
she knew how much to take from the total she counted.
If total came to $21.00 for instance,
she would take it in bills.

No one noticed her taking money from the drawer.
“She” did it by:
wearing long sleeves,
rolling bills up in register quick,
stuff in the sleeves by where hand was,
go to restroom,
transfer money from sleeve to pants pocket.

She grew out of this,
not naughty (I love that word!) anymore,
and hasnt done it for 15 years at least.
She has come a long way since then,
and would never do that again.
She has asked God for forgiveness.

People really didnt notice if they got 2 quarters instead of 3.
I guesse “she” was a great conversationalist and distracter.

Tip jar??
That probably would have been a great idea
to add to what she was doing.
But I am pretty sure a tip jar wasnt allowed.
I bet it would of been less profitable
just doing the tip jar thing.
But who knows. You may be right.

I know I hardly ever look at the change
that I am given,
I am so bad that I often dont even look at the amount
of the bill on my credit slip that I sign.

Ok, so this brings me to another topic,
I think that God also probably thought the scam was clever,
so heres the question.
Do you think God can think bad things were done cleverly,
and ingeniously, apart from the sin itself?
Does although God still looked down upon sin,
and forgives people for their sin,
can he also at the same time think it was clever.

Wow I have spent so much time on this,
my Hubby was napping and
I was sposed to wake him up 20 minutes ago.
We’re going to a Hockey game tonight.

See ya!

7 12 2006

@ bogus
To be perfectly honest, I don’t really believe in God. However, the only possible God that I could even consider aknowledging the existance of would be one so far beyond human comprehension it would be worthless to postulate what God “thought” or did or how it existed. I imagine its like a dog contemplating the existence of a quark. Sorry I don’t have a good answer for you on that one. Also it probably depends on your paricular religion. Anyway you slice it, if you asked for forgiveness and that’s enough for you and you’re religion.

On the flip side, if god exists at all I doubt that it would find anything a mere human could drum up as cunning.


10 12 2006

Hello therealdonquixote,

I love your comparison of
“a dog contemplating the existence of a quark”
thats really good and funny,
even though I’m not sure what a quark is.
Something bigger than a dog.

If you saw an ant building a sculpture out of sand,
would you be impressed?

Wow I read the titles of the list of “our hot posts”
listed on the upper right,
I didnt see that before,
that stuff is way naughtier than my cash scam.
I’m guessing this is a decent site.

Yeah it is 5 in the morning now. Cant sleep.
Hubby is sleeping in next room.
Were tryin to have a baby.
(I mean not at this very second, hee hee.)
We’ve been trying for a year and a half.
That time of month hopefully wont be here in 4 more days.

Sorry if I bore you but wow this is way cool.
that theres virtual space out there
there is an acutal human on the other side of this,
oh I am so virgin to this.

Forgive me but what does “L8s” mean
at the end of your comment?
Guessing it means later?
I dont usually write anywhere on the web,
I dont do instant messaging,
although I do know what “lol” means!

Actually this is the first time
that I actually wrote on something like this.
Other than a computer tekkie sight
where I solved a couple problems for people.

Another question,
I see the number at the end of the right column,
and it said 216445 “lovetaps” the other day,
now it says 202117.
Does that mean that 14328 people have
actually seen this particular page,
or that 14328 posts have been made total?
Thats alot of people.

I happened upon this site by googleing
“blogs” and “no registration” and
perhaps “cash register”
because I wanted to be fairly anonomous.
Strange how it pointed me here but I’m glad.

Well anyway I gotta try and sleep.


1 01 2007
4 01 2007
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[…] (no registration but you could get the collectors login and get points!! ) : 100mb file size limit (300 mb multi file upload limit) = Meh; No storage limit = Awesome; No bandwidth Continue […]

13 02 2007

Of all the hosting sites I have been to http://www.mydatabus is the best for accessing, organizing, groups and sharing i’ve seen.

13 02 2007

That should be

28 08 2007

Yeh is great. now You can upload multiple files at once

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