Divmod – Open Source Framework

7 09 2006

Divmod – Open Source Framework

Mmmm free frameworks.


Build your next great application more quickly using Divmod frameworks and tools

Welcome to the open-source outlet for Divmod Inc. and our open-source community. We have a variety of Python open source projects to share with you. You can access our code using SVN on http://divmod.org/svn/Divmod/trunk/.


Divmod Nevow
A web templating framework that provides Athena, a two-way AJAX toolkit.
Divmod Axiom
An pythonic embedded object database implemented on top of SQLite.
Divmod Mantissa
An extensible, multi-protocol, multi-user, interactive application server built on top of Axiom and Nevow.
Divmod Sine
A voice over IP framework built on Mantissa and using Shtoom’s audio handling.
Divmod Vertex
An implementation of the Q2Q protocol, for connecting directly between two endpoints anywhere including mobile users and users behind Network Address Translators (NAT).


Divmod Combinator
A branch-management tool to assist with the Ultimate Quality Development System (UQDS), useful to keep your PYTHONPATH short and avoid having to restart your terminal or log out and log back in when you update your Python path environment.
Divmod Reverend
A general purpose Bayesian classifier, named after Rev. Thomas Bayes.
Divmod Pyflakes
A lint-like tool for quickly checking your Python code for sanity.
Divmod Epsilon
A Python utilities package, most famous for its Time class.
Divmod Xapwrap
A wrapper around the Python bindings for the Xapian Probabilistic Information Retrieval library.
A voice over IP client and server.

Looks usefull.

Go at it fellow bored people!!!



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