– Bittorrent Index King?

6 09 2006 – Bittorrent Index King

Yet another torrent search tool.  Its supposed to be good because its all googly and shit with the indexing.


We index the most popular Bittorrent sites and bring you the very best torrents.TorrentBoss is like Google in that it only links to .torrent metafiles and takes a cache of such files. None of the data transferred by or stored on TorrentBoss servers is content linked to by .torrent files.

One problem with not actually being a tracker, no annoucements of seeders.  You could find the perfect file and no one could ever seed it again.  Then what have you got?  Nothing that’s what!!   NOTHING!!!!!!!!

Just kidding.  Thought it’d be funny to get all ghey over a torrent search.  Pbay is still the bombastic place to be in my book.



3 responses

7 09 2006
cozmo does annouce seeders, looks as if they update the seeder/leacher count daily and remove dead torrents. I have been using it and it seems to be working ok, I will be keeping an eye on this one.

8 09 2006

You could always use Torrent harvester, google it, its a damn good app.

22 09 2006
Tone Loc

Gonna Try It!

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