Paris Hilton Gets Rejected From Entry To Bungalow 8 (ROFL)

6 09 2006

20 Minutes to Kill » Blog Archive » There’s No Crying In Club Hopping!

Sorry for the ghey ass post but I just LOVE seeing dumb ass bitches get a mental smackdown.  Fuck Paris Hitlon and her dog too.


Paris Hilton got denied at Bungalow 8 the other night following the MTV VMA’s but attempted a crying fest to get past the velvet ropes. Its like the bouncer’s saying “oh you, the one who’s crying. Come on in. You’re going to make this place hot! Oh, and your boyfriend over there who is now fighting the cops…bring him in too…he’s going to be sweet tonight!”

Be sure to click the link to see the pix!!!



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