How To: Hack A Voting Machine In 4 Minutes!! (w/PIX)

6 09 2006

Holy hacktastical SH!TE angry hippie!! Now the democrats can “win” an election too!!

NEW VIDEO POSTI posted all the videos I could find in the princeton archives. TRDQ

All Info and credit goes to BlackBoxVoting Forums. Read on and hack away.
Re-Post of entire HACK:

(Home page: Click “more” at bottom of this article for photo display; note – this software can be a bit buggy with lots of photos uploaded. If link appears broken, try right-clicking image and select “show picture” — if that doesn’t work, the links below the photo will work.)

memory card in optical scan

The memory card is the item in the slot that says “this side up.” Diebold’s first line of defense is a metal door that pivots down over the memory card slot. The photos that follow will show you how moronic the system is.

Memory card door - right side bolt

How the door works: The hole in the right side of the door is over-large, so you can move the right-side bolt in and out at will. Therefore, they seal the right-side bolt. See next picture.

Hole in memory card door bolt

See the hole in the top of the right-side bolt? The plastic seal is threaded through that. See next picture.

Accuvote - sealed

This plastic seal was used by King County. It had been broken and discarded, so we used the high-tech method of putting an orange rubber band on it to hold it together for this demo. The seal is pointless anyway, as you’ll soon see.

Accuvote - screws

See the screws holding the Diebold AccuVote optical scan machine together? There are five. Natalie tried a Phillips-head screwdriver on the thing. See next picture.

Accuvote - unscrew case

Yep. The screws come right out! What’s inside? See next picture.

Unfasten memory card seal

Hey, maybe you can unscrew the left-side bolt. Natalie stuck a small Allen wrench into the bolt. See next picture.

Nut holding memory card bay door

See that nut on the screw? (Red arrow) Natalie got out a pair of pliers. See next picture.

unfasten it more

High-tech security, Diebold-style. (Grasp nut with pliers, twirl Allen wrench and see what happens.) See next picture.

memory card seal proven worthless

The bolt comes right off. But can you get the memory card out? See next picture.

Sealed memory card bay opened

Pivot metal door to the right and remove memory card. See next picture.

Memory card removed while plastic seal intact

We then put it all back together without leaving a trace. Cost for materials: $12. Time: 4 minutes to open, remove card, re-insert card and re-seal everything.

San Diego, June 6 2006: Sent these voting machines home with poll workers for sleepovers. They said the seal on the memory card bay made it secure.

King County, Washington this week, Aug. 29 2006: Says they are using the door and plastic tab seal as shown in these pictures, and they are sending the voting machines home with poll workers for the September primary election. They say the seal makes it secure.

Black Box Voting projects in Leon County, Florida on May 26, 2005 and Dec. 13, 2005 demonstrated that by altering the information on the memory card, the election can be hacked without a trace.

Don’t forget to got to BlackBoxVoting Forums to get the rest of the story.



13 responses

13 09 2006

nice…good article.

17 09 2006

Guys, just so you know, latin for green is “viridis” not “viridus”. Thought you might like to know that about your emblem.

18 09 2006
Brian Nelson

I would like to apply as an agent. Am fully literate and have had Marine Corps and Police training. Please send any information to

18 09 2006

@ Brian
Wait wut?

18 09 2006

I’m not voting anymore. Besides, even if I/we could fix an election, there are never any desirable candidates.

18 09 2006

Videos here.

18 09 2006

Sweet thanks for the link!!

18 09 2006

Why vote for the lesser of evil?

Why vote for a lesser evil?

Our candidate vows to devour all other opposing political parties as well as the vast majority of humanity. Just give the Old Ones 4 years and I promise even more devastation, chaos and mayhem than George W. Bush could accomplish in a lifetime and with only half the mess. Plus my candidate is much more environmentally friendly. Eating people then excreting them makes for a great natural fertilizer as our studies have shown. Just think about it and ask yourself if you really want 4 more years of the same old thing. We hope you will all do the right thing.:-P
Why not do the best thing for the good of us all?

– Azag

18 09 2006

Ok… It’s a computer… there’s no way to stop someone from hacking it someway, but 4 minutes? :O

but you can use a the virus for voting machines they developed, you just need to infect one of them and let the “wind” do the hard work.

19 09 2006
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13 08 2007
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25 11 2007

what is the proper use of this hacking of a voting machine?
Is it a legal work or illegal?

15 06 2012

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