DIY Tech support with UltraVNC, Grandma proof system

6 09 2006

Geek to Live: Tech support with UltraVNC SingleClick – Lifehacker

Sweet, now I can help out my mom when she has some problems.


How SingleClick UltraVNC works

In a normal VNC server/viewer setup, the viewer contacts the VNC server to log in and remote control it. With SingleClick Ultra VNC, the opposite happens: the server is pre-configured to contact a viewer at a specified IP address, as shown:


diagram.jpgThe advantage here is that Grandpa (the person running the server) doesn’t have to worry about opening ports on his computer or firewall – since the server makes the call out, the connection can happen regardless. The onus is on the viewer (you) to have an open port.

But, I might wait to tell her about this for a bit,  need some down time ya know?

Be sure to click on the link to read the whole story on LifeHacker!!



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