Confidential “Do Not Distribute” – Google Search

6 09 2006

confidential “do not distribute” – Google Search link via Reddit

This is hilarious.  The results for the simple search

confidential “do not distribute”

are hilarious, because the results are so informative.  This isn’t even a “Google Hack” (ie Advanced Search), its just a regular search.

It takes all kinds to use the internet, and apparently most of them have the same intelligence as G. W. Bush.

Hacker Lesson: Never misunderestimate the power of average user retardiosity.



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7 09 2006

Simple enough for the brain dead yet powerful enough for the hardcore hackoholic and even more useful when customized! This is pure genius in it’s simplicity and shows just how f’ing dumb people can be about not bothering to use a simple robots.txt or .htaccess file to block directories and files of a sensitive nature that probably should have never had online access to them in the first place or at the minimum a secure SSL/SSH to grab such “top secret” or “for internal use only” type files. Notice you could try these mentioned quoted searches too and many other variations, I have before. 😉

Here is one I like which is only a slight mod but looking specifically for gov’t “internal use” files and documents and can be later more narrowed down if you wish – enjoy:

I could have fun with this one all damn day long 😉
Yet another great post from therealdonquixote.


7 09 2006
7 09 2006

F*cking tags *%^$^%$!!#$??!! damn it lol ;p*.gov+%2B+confidential+%22do+not+distribute%22&btnG=Search

7 09 2006

Need a little help with the HTML there huh? 😉

7 09 2006

Well just cut and paste it if you want you get the point.
F’ing tags can really piss me off. Not sure why in first post it didn’t show up but I did it right it was just that the damn tags didn’t like the internally quoted content and felt like it was another tag within a tag I guess. Damn thing has a bug. 😉 Also it should have a preview feature to avoid this sort of thing. 🙂

7 09 2006

lol yes I am sad w/ my html skills today heheh

7 09 2006

Attempting to extract link code from page precisely sorry for spam re-posting. Maybe this will work?

7 09 2006

Sad indeed a bug or shortcomming of WordPress tag use…
Please see internal page XHTML code to confirm whether I am right or simply an idiot today. ;p

5 12 2006
naraku ayanami

this pages sucks

5 12 2006

@ Naraku
Thanks for your input. Could you please expand upon your dissatisfaction?

15 06 2012

I like this post, enjoyed this one appreciate it for posting. “The basis of optimism is sheer terror.” by Oscar Wilde.

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