ReactOS, Windows Clone, version 0.3.0 Released (Download)

5 09 2006

ReactOS Home
ReactOS is an open source Windows clone that should replace that pesky old retail OS any day now.

Here’s the latest:

This release holds a few records – it is the most long-awaited release of ReactOS, it is the release which was preceded by 3 Release Candidates instead of usual 2, and at last ReactOS release never had so much changes since the last one.

This release’s main feature is the networking ability – it’s the first release where it is possible to download and install FireFox and browse the web, get mIRC (or some other irc client) and get to #reactos to chat a bit with developers. Or install command-line Samba-TNG client via the built-in package manager and use it to share files with Windows, Linux and MacOS X (all of them support SMB protocol)

I have been waiting for this distro for so long.  I can’t wait for a final version.

Anyone got a time machine?



One response

6 09 2006

Cool I only was up to ReactOS 0.2.7 and with the exciting sounding changes in the new release ReactOS 0.3.0, even I may make time to try this out for fun one weekend soon, preferably before I go out to the bar.;) I have yet to try an older release or any for that matter since I am backlogged with to many other OS’s to try out. Time is not my friend, it mocks me or perhaps I am lazy. 😛

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