Hack Flickr for Pro Account Features

5 09 2006

How to cheat Flickr [via] Happy Thoughts

Can’t afford a Flickr Pro account?Want to store more than 200 photos online?

Simply add a tag to your photos and when it seems they aren’t on your photos page anymore, just enter “flickr.com/photos/tags/****” (**** being the tag you added to your lost photos) and find your apparently lost photos!

Grrrrreat hack Happy Thoughts!!!  Everyone go to their site.

Go at it fellow bored people!!  Abuse this until it disappears, then we hack something else.



2 responses

1 10 2007

this is bs.

20 11 2007
Rodrigo Peñalba

that is not a hack
Flickr says that same thing in their FAQ pages


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