First Flash DRM

5 09 2006

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WTF?!?! You bastards!!


Flash Video is king – today more than ever. Along with the ubiquity of broadband networks digital content have become truly liquid. For the first time in history users are able to create, consume and share any type of content virtually everywhere with the Flash Player enabling a whole new kind of superior content services to become reality. However, the whole content market is at risk. Digital Rights Management (DRM) being a core part of the global content infrastructure ensures copyrights and content revenues.

The ACP – Anti Caching Protection from Onlinelib allows webcasters to protected their Content with a DRM – Digital Rights Management System. Basic System is the VCS – Video Communication Server from Onlinelib.

Here is a a first Demo
If you have any questions you can contact us under: contact

Hack this and hack it now. Flash DRM…fuck you assholes.



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