A Pregnant Man Gives Birth To Bones (Video?)

30 08 2006

ABC News: A Pregnant Man?


Sanju Bhagat’s stomach was once so swollen he looked nine months pregnant and could barely breathe.Living in the city of Nagpur, India, Bhagat said he’d felt self-conscious his whole life about his big belly. But one night in June 1999, his problem erupted into something much larger than cosmetic worry.

Follow the white rabbit to see the video.  Its on the story page silly person.  A Pregnant Man



4 responses

28 09 2006

That is Soo Soo cool Could you amagine what doors it could open up for medical history?

15 03 2007

suchhhhhhhh bullshite

2 04 2008


15 11 2008

cool\ weird

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