DIY – Steerable Cantenna auto WiFi Sniffer!!

29 08 2006

steerable cantenna – via –

Steerable Cantenna

Hack-a-Day Wrote: With the software the Adrian wrote, it’s a fully functional directional wifi scanner. The system can pan and scan a region and visualize the results. Scan resolution can be varied, similar to a regular image scanner. It’s built from a pair of stepper motors ,a PIC on a SIMM stick with a serial interface.

Engaget Wrote: Despite maybe, possibly being illegal in some parts (but not many), fearless DIY-er Adrian Smith has gone forth and out-MacGyvered all other cantenna makers with his steerable, WiFi-sniffing rig. Using the requisite tin can, along with a PIC microcontroller and a couple of servos, the cantenna is able to be controlled by a custom Visual Basic program that can automagically sniff out the strongest wireless signals and zero in on them (complete with satisfying bzzzzz, whizzzz sound effects, we’re sure). Unfortunately, he hasn’t provided detailed step-by-step plans for the more engineering-challenged among us, so you’ll need some reasonable skills of your own to put one of these to use “sharing” your neighbors’ bandwidth.

I never have the patience to build these things but if you got the DIY jones and you likey the wardriving/WiFi “borrowing” this is the project for you.

Great Job Adrian Smith!!



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30 03 2009

where can I read about microcontroller in your blog?! I have searched about the word “atmel microcontroller” and you blog appeared to me

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