Tom Cruise Gets Fired By Paramount = Comeuppance (Video)

23 08 2006

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Cruise and Paramount sever ties

Hollywood star Tom Cruise and Paramount Pictures have ended a 14-year working relationship, with both parties claiming to have chosen to sever ties.The film studio told the Wall Street Journal it had decided not to renew its deal with the star because “his recent conduct has not been acceptable”.

I knew someone had to realize after MI3’s horrible show at the box office that Cruise no longer held the fan base he once had.

Also, he did kill Opera:

You can’t fuck with the big O.



4 responses

23 08 2006

Well Tom Cruise is a nut job…
Not sure if but he probably should kill Oprah as she is annoying as hell. He need only use his Scientology super-powers as the video demonstrates lol. šŸ˜‰
Don’t forget to eat that placenta Tom! Hahaha.

I love the South Park episodes mocking Scientology. A bit ironic since Chef is (or was?) a Scientologist last I checked and I wonder why this didn’t make him quit doing the character’s voice.

23 08 2006

@ Azag
Chef did quit! And there was an episode that “explained” what happened to Chef. Its hilarious. I have the files (for both the anti-CoS episode and the End of Chef Episode) in xvid if you want em you know where to reach me.

23 09 2006

oh mannnnn, that was hilarious!!! thanks for that!!!

15 06 2012

Very interesting points you have remarked, appreciate it for putting up. “Ignorance, the root and the stem of every evil.” by Plato.

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