Were Explosives Used To Bring Down The Towers? – Rebuttal

21 08 2006

I’ve seen this video before, and I’ve also seen several others on the History channels. The good news is that the falling of the towers was not a controlled demolition per se, that is to say that there is no evidence that decidedly proves a controlled demolition perpetrated by factions within the US government. I have done enough research to feel very confident in saying this.
My father is a mechanical engineer and I discussed this with him at length to get the details of the physics behind the fall inside my own head.

The fall looks like a controlled demolition because controlled demolitions are handled in much the same manner. Explosives are placed in order to is compromise the structural integrity of a building, sometimes on several floors sometimes only on one. The minimum of explosives is used, because the more bang you get the more mess and the less controlled the demolition is. (You can google any building demolition vids and see the similarity.)

The calculations on building demolitions are based on a simple principal of how much weight any given level is created to support. Each floor is only designed to handle the weight of the single floor above it, so on and so forth till you reach the top of the building (this does not include the founding structure of the building). This practicality makes it possible for taller buildings. As for demolition this means that all you have to do is damage the structural integrity of a single floor. After this the building will collapse under its own weight, like and accordion (my Dad referred to this as the pan cake effect). (Again, just google for some controlled demolition vids to see the effect)

Now in the case of the twin towers fall. You see that the buildings first collapse at the floor/floors where the planes hit. Then you see the ensuing accordian effect that seems like a controlled demoplition. What happened to create this effect? The structural integrity of the floors that the planes hit was compromised so much so that the floor/level collapsed. Now, the floor beneath the collapsed floor has to support the falling weight of the rest of the building. Of course the floor/s could not support the weight so the accordian fall began.

Note: Many have speculated as to what could have cause the steel to break or become compromised, the simple answer is that the steel was not meant to sustain the heat of a fire fueled by a payload of jet fuel from a 747 that is ready to fly across the continent, that is alot of fuel. Alot of heat and physical destruction, that was never meant to be handled by the steel of the world trade center towers, caused the steel to fail.

Now, some have also said that the simple fact that the building, or buildings, didn’t fall over like a timbered tree is proof of a demolition conspiracy. As I have explained above, this tree falling anology patently is not viable.
As much as one would like to believe that this horrible act could only be an inside job, that the madness of it all isn’t really all that mad, that it wasn’t just angry people doing horrible things. However, I cannot find any actual proof of this supposed demoliton and neither can I find a true motive for the US government. Yes the Bush administration (and friends) does/do use terror alerts and many contrivances to keep the people in check, but the sheer loss of gross national income and GDP (over time) from 9/11 vs the internally garnered income from defense contracts and war profiteering is not nearly enough to be an impotace for instigating the event. Bush did not create the event, he used it and still uses it. Some might postulate, if it were up to Bin Ladin, he would like to take back the events on 9/11 because it gave the US carte blanche to declare “WAR on Terrorism” and come on in to their home countries. Bin Laden and all his pals are in a heap of trouble and so is their cause. Bush may be sending our young soldiers off to die, but the terrorists are slowly losing support from an amazing amount of people who used to support their cause. Bin Ladin was even suprised that the buildings fell himself. Its an idea not a fact, much like the controlled demolition idea.
Many people want to make order out of the chaos, it makes them feel better, like believing in God. There is no evidence either way for the existance or non-existance of God, but people still believe because it helps them get through the day. Me I just can’t bring myself to take anything on faith. I need fact. There is no hard evidence that 9/11 was organized or perpetraited by elements within the US government. There is some speculation on both sides of the argument, but no evidence. No one will be bale to look at this instance rationally for centuries to come. Perhapse then we will know the truth (not contrive a belief), but even then I doubt evidence will support the “inside job” theory.

This is much like the JFK assassination. Many want to believe that it was a setup by the CIA or some other faction of our own government. But the truth is that there is no real evidence to support this theory. The government has admitted that there seems to have been some sort of conspiracy, and I agree. Too many bullets etc etc. The actual killing though was put together by a small group of militants who simply wanted to kill JFK. No order here, just chaos. Uncomfortable as it is.

I know it may be hard or seem unfair to think that life could just happen like this, but it does. There is no method to the madness of human nature’s need to destroy itself. Good people die for no reason every day. “Their in a better place.” just makes people feel better. That doesn’t make it true. Happenstance and oddities are not fact or a smoking gun, its just life in this creat accident of a world. That’s my 50p worth of knowledge on the subject.

Oh and BTW – “Good” and “Evil” – They don’t exist either. That’s my opinion based on a lack of evidence.



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22 08 2006

Quixote – I don’t think you watched the video or paid attention to it. They rebuke all of your arguments in the video. You mention the “pankcake” effect. This is single handledly rebuked by several experts that are far smarter than you, me, or your dad. If each floor fell upon the one below it, why would the tower fall at free-fall speed? Also, the WTC towers were built in three sections. If the top section fell onto the middle section, then it would simply fall off to the side onto other buildings, but it did not. It fell into the second section of the building which then fell into the third section.

You mention the steel — the video clearly tells us that most of the jet fuel was burned off in the initial explosion. The jet fuel was a non-factor in the ensuing fires. In fact, the NYFD said that the fires were almost out — that’s why they sent more men up to finish the job of putting them out. The fires did not burn anywhere near the temperature that was required to melt or bend steel.

Now let’s talk about the 47 steel columns that supported the WTC. If the pancake theory were correct, then these steal columns would NOT have fallen with the floors as you suggest. They would have been sticking up from the wreakage, but they weren’t — they had been destroyed somehow. These columns were there to keep the building upright and the only way that they could have been compromised was if they were destroyed. Enter Steven Jones at BYU: he wrote an academically reviewed paper showing us that the explosive, thermite, was used to bring down these columns. There is no debate any longer. He has pieces of the columns in his possesion and has proved that this was a controlled demolition. Also to be noted is the fact that the 9/11 commission report failed to even bring up these steel columns. They simply ignored them. If there was nothing to hide, why were the debris taken from the scene so quickly (by a company called “Controlled Demolition,” nonetheless), shipped to Asia and melted down? This is a federal offense to tamper with a crime scene. If the evidence was there and not melted down, a controlled demolition could be proved. The whole thing smacks of a coverup. Let’s also ask ourselves why there was no concrete to be found — it was all destroyed to dust. That does not happen in a standard building collapse.

Quixote – you fail to even bring up WTC 7, which happens to be the most disturbing part of all. I’m not sure if you are corrupt, naive, insane, or you just want to protect yourself from the brownshirts when they come to get people like me, but your analysis proves that you simply didn’t watch the video. At least you did not comprehend what you were watching. In fact, if this video were on the SAT test and you were asked to answer questions based on your comprehension of the material, you would fail miserably. You continue to espouse the government and mass media story when the evidence proves that it’s bullshit. You of all people. I’m shocked. I know that it’s even harder to believe that this could be an inside job than it is to believe that some bastards in a cave want to kill us for our freedom, but I think you real need to examine the hard evidence presented here. I don’t want to believe it. Hell, I almost joined the military after 9/11, I was so fucking pissed off. I lived in lala land for years while I watched our liberties being taken away by the government; as I watched our soldiers go die in the middle east; as I watched innocent Iraqi children blown away by our smart bombs. Finally, I am seeing the evidence as brave, patriotic Americans come forth with this evidence. You think I want to believe it? Hell no! Do I understand logic and evidence? Yes. Unfortunately, there is not turning away from it now.

You say you fail to find a motive. Do you think the Neocons care about the GDP? They have bankrupted our treasury on purpose. They don’t care about our country. They only care about the rich and the elite. It’s a world that you and I will not understand, but I do know they surely don’t care about the United States of America like I do. They wrap themselves in the flag to push their dastardly agenda on the people.

You say you want evidence: if the court system allowed all the evidence to be submitted to the 9/11 commission I think you find what you need to convict. Would that be evidence enough for you? The sad fact is that the people in charge will never let the secret out, no matter what the facts are. After all, they control every part of government and the media.

Evil does exist — it lives in the White House!

22 08 2006

You attack me because you WANT to believe the video. Attacking someone in a comment is passe and useless, it also shows the weakness of your argument. However, arguing on the internet is like winning the special olympics, even if you win, you’re still retarded.

A: No one is smarter than my Dad.

B: I watched and paid attention. I just don’t have a WANT to believe anything. I have a NEED to know the truth. Note: I have also seen many videos/documentaries that rebuke everything that this video attempts to convince you of.

C: You forget that this is a video and that information can be structured to highlight whatever you WANT to believe. For example – “Farenheight 9/11” was HUGE until people realized that Michael Moore lied to them with an unobjective propoganda film, not a documentary. In the begining people wanted to believe all of it, now they aren’t so sure are they?

D: Remember its just analysis and conjecture, no “real” hard (as in you can touch it) evidence. Its a “documantary”. There never will be evidence either way, because it was all destroyed.

Anyway, its all old news now. Believe what you want or don’t want. I refuse to let emotion get in the way of my analysis.

Pro Tip – Go out and seek information, don’t let other’s bring it to you or you’ll see what they want you to see and you will completely lose objectivity.

22 08 2006

I don’t want to believe the video! I really don’t. I watch it with the kind of perverted skepticism that comes when you read a zap comics book. I finished watching it because of basic curiousity. Then I think about all the “what ifs.”

I’m not attacking you — I’m attacking your points. You have yet to fight the claims in this video with anything that can be proven reasonable. It’s not a personal attack. It’s a debate about what caused the towers to collapse. So far the government has its theories and thousands of others have their theories. Keep personal attacks out of it and stick to the facts presented.

You claim that I’m a victim of propaganda. Aren’t you just a victim of the government’s propaganda? What if what the government has told you turns out to be a lie? Just imagine what if? Just try it — I dare you. What proof do you have the Mohamad Atta died on 9/11? Because the government told you he did? Yeah, that’s credible. Go ahead and keep trusting the government the way you trust your friends and family. Then you’ll be nothing more than just another “Good German.” You claim that Michael Moore spouts propaganda. That may be true to some extent, but aren’t we subjected to propaganda every time we watch the evening news? How do we know where the sources come from? How do we know who puts the stories on television? Reality is an illusion my friend. Reality is subjective.

Show me a video that rebukes all the arguments in the above video. I’d love to watch it. I’d watch it objectively and openly. Then I would compare the theories based on my own brain power. In fact, that sounds like a great idea. Go ahead and find me a video that I can do this with.

You have a need to know the truth? Then why do you only believe what is stated in the 9/11 comission when it has been proven that they left things out? You clearly don’t even want to entertain a single piece of evidence stated in the video. Why?

Stephen Jones has hard evidence. He has a piece of the steel column from the WTC!

Emotion is not part of my analysis. Real, hard evidence is part of my analysis.

You say: “Pro Tip – Go out and seek information, don’t let other’s bring it to you or you’ll see what they want you to see and you will completely lose objectivity.”
I say: You are seeing what the government wants you to see.

Quixote – I am seeking information. I’m finding the most crazy stuff. There are people in really high places that doubt the official 9/11 story. Are they all crazy? Read this list:


This guy has a pretty crazy blog too.

22 08 2006

It should also be noted that I’m not a believer in this idea of a New World Order. I don’t think there’s some grand conspiracy at work here. I think that 9/11 was an isolated inside job designed for the specific reason of getting the public behind the idea of war. War is going to be the new economic power of the 21st century in this country. War without end will ensure that we have the same standard of living in 50 years that we have today. Why? It’s called Empire – we can protect our economic interests this way.

22 08 2006

BTW – Attacking a posting in the comments section is what blogs are all about! It’s about written dialouge. We may both be retards, but it’s fun to argue here anyway.

22 08 2006

I dislike arguments. They resolve nothing. I want truth.

15 06 2012

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