Hacking – The OFF System (More Clearly) aka Brightnets

21 08 2006

The OFF System (More Clearly) :: The Big Hack :: On Copyrightable Numbers with an application to the gesetzklageproblem

Brightnets are OFF’s answer to Relakkes Darknet (previously posted). This is a much clearer explaination of how the out in the open nets would be able to share files without getting the po po’s involved.


Think of the number twelve (12). It can be represented as five plus seven (5+7), or twenty-five minus thirteen (25-13). Taken individually the numbers 5, 7, 13 and 25 are never 12.

If for some reason we were to allow 12 to be copyrighted by Brittney, she would still have no claim on the numbers 5, 7, 13 and 25. I could still copy these numbers and pass them around as I saw fit. As long as I didn’t copy the number 12, I should have no problems with the law.

So what happens if I transmit the “formula” (5+7)? Am I allowed to do that? What about the formula (25-13)? What if I only transmit (5,7) or (25,13)? What is the “meaning” of these transmissions?

There is actually no way to know the meaning of any of these transmissions. The interpretation is purely up to the receiver. The + sign may not mean plus at all. It may only be a separator. (5,7) many mean 57 or 5.7 or any number of possible other interpretations.

There are many legitimate reasons to store or transmit the numbers 5 and 7. As such, the only possible one who can cause a law to be broken is the receiver. If the receiver reconstructs 12 from any transmitted numbers then perhaps the receiver has broken the law. But then again, perhaps not. If no “copy” of 12 is made then no copyright law can have been broken. To play a song is not to copy a song. No more then to play a VHS tape is to copy a VHS tape.

Basically everyone has bits of numbers and when someone calls for all the numbers to create a full file to play or whatever, its not illegal…yet.

Here’s the link to OFF’s homepage with links to the sourceforge projects.  OFF

Now go out there and make some ownerless files to share.



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