19 08 2006

I actually was able to put my knowledge acquired by tinkering (I say hacking) everything. This little piece of vindication comes from my tinkering with electronics!! I wanted to install a porch-light, the one I had there was broken and it was ugly. So I took a venture into being an amateur electrician. I discovered many basic things, but most importantly I discovered that the wiring in my place of living is really screwed up.

Tonight, the place in front of where I habitat, had a seemingly small issue. The bathroom fan was permanently on. Which seems innocuous but the switch was off. The only thing that would stop the fan was turning off the sircuit breaker. The switch for the fan was hot. And the only reason that the fan would stay on would be that one of the wires has either shaken loose and it was touching the default ground (ie the conduit box) thus creating a continuous circuit or something worse. Either way the switch needed to be investigated. So I unscrewed the cover and *pause for effect* there was a mess that I have never even dreamed possible in a modern house. Several of the wires were simply corroded and the others were melted. I was right about a wire touching the conduit creating a live circuit, but I never imagined that the wires would have been corroded and then causing a small meltdown!! So I kept the circuit breaker turned off and had a friend get a real electrician to come and fix the HUGE FIRE HAZARD problem because the box was just a mess of melted wires and burnt conduit.

HOO-FUCKING-RAY FOR ME!!! Finally my perpetual tinkering and hacking payed off. I probably saved someones life!

So all those times people told me why are you tinkering, you chould go out and do stuff. Well my tinkering saved lives tonight. And my computer hacking and everything that I do that no one understands paid off.

I followed my path, my passion, and it paid off. Follow your path.

“You have a good heart William. have the courage to follow it.”

– From Braveheart



2 responses

19 08 2006
The Big D

Ammmmmm soooooooo glad you and your loved ones are all safe and sound! Tinkerers rule!

15 06 2012

Only wanna input that you have a very decent site, I like the design and style it actually stands out.

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