This Just In: Work Sucks!! (Surprise)

17 08 2006

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I hate working.  As soon as something is labeled work, I hate it.  In fact I am avoiding work right now by writing this post!! 😀

Well I don’t hate all “work”, I am just having some current troubles.

Lemme esplain.  I work in a stale boring environment.  I have very little interaction with other people and what I do is really simplistic.  I have automated a large amount of my work with VBA in both Excel and Outlook.  So the big data tasks pretty much take care of themselves, including email.  Then I’m left with the little tasks.  The menial office crap that everyone loves to hate.  They also don’t pay me enough to support the standard of living where I live.  So that’s the deal in a nutshell.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I could be around people and talk to them to pass the time while I do the menial stuff, but every-time I ask to be moved from my desolate cube I get a strong NO with and added excuse that later invalidates itself.

Of course it doesn’t help that I have no work ethic at all whatsoever.  Nor do I posses the sacred “will power”. I get distracted easily and I have a minute problem with “authority”, especially when I am obviously smarter than the “authorities” that be.

I also tend to piss people off without even trying.  Example: I actually got written up for sitting in my chair at my cube “incorrectly”.  The term they used was Inappropriate Business Mannerisms.  Basically some director in my dept decided she didn’t like me so she made some shit up to try and scare me out of the job.  Ha!!  I out lasted that horrid excuse for an employee/director.   She eventually was forced out of her position.
I also seem to be getting passed over for promotion whenever the chance comes up.  Probably cause of the pissing people off thing + I’m not exactly what doctors call “punctual”.

The million dollar question is…What would I LIKE to do as a”job” that pays enough money to live on?

I haven’t the slightest cue as to what that would be.  So I guess I’m a bit stuck for now.

I mean to say that no matter what “job” I have or have had, I get bored very quickly.  I learn everything I need to know about the entire business and then I’m done.  I lose interest completely.  Then I start to fuck things up.

In the end, a job is a job and people hate work universally (that’s why they call it work, as my mom says).  This job ain’t half bad.  If I was just paid enough to be able to pay all my bills and have no worries then I’d be fine with it.  I’d eat sticks of butter and sit on a bowling ball if they paid me enough, as long as it wasn’t boring as all hell, or a caustic work environment.

All I need is 50g a year with benefits and I’m set.  Now all I need to do is find a job where they will pay me like that  to dick around on the internet and play with computers and gadgets and stuff.  I f anyone is hiring for a position like that feel free to email me.
Oh well, somehow the world keeps on spinning no matter what I say or do.  Thank D-g for my (well I call her my fiancee, but we ain’t engaged yet – can’t afford no ring ya see) girlfriend.  She keeps me from going postal.  I love her more and more everyday.  Makes life worth living ya know? Makes everything seem alot less scary too, like growing old isn’t such a bad idea as long as I do it with her by my side.  She’s pretty amazing.  Sometimes I think my family wants her to be my wife as much as I do.  I get constant lectures on how to treat her well and not to screw this up.  Well, I am not going to screw this up that’s for sure.  I’d rather lose all my limbs and the sense of touch than lose my gal.

She also makes sure I go to work on time and that I actually do work.  So that’s good.  She has this work ethic where she has to do a good job and she has to finish everything.  Its weird but it doesn’t bother me so I don’t bother it.

I’d like to be able to take care of her like a real man.  Bring home the bacon and all.

Anyways, my job/work sucks and I’d like to formally announce that:

Work, apparently sucks?!?!?! Who knew?
I need to win the lottery.



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15 06 2012

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