Terror Alert Was More Bullshit

17 08 2006

Check out this article on TomPaine.com: http://www.tompaine.com/articles/2006/08/17/are_we_falling_for_it_again.php

I can’t wait to see how far the legal battles goes with this case.  These British kids were nothing more than semi-retarded morons chatting it up on the internet.  Even more pathetic is the political response from the right.  Attempting to paint Democrats as weak on national defense, the Republican noise machine trots out the same tired rhetoric they have been using for the past five years–stay the course.  As if our military presence in Iraq (or Afghanistan for that matter) has anything to do with our national security.  What a joke.  NeoConservatism is dead.  Wake up America.  Throw the bums out in ’06. 



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18 08 2006

“What a joke. NeoConservatism is dead. Wake up America. Throw the bums out in ‘06.” – angryhippie

Well put. Glad someone realized this is the government’s lame version of an even lamer show, begging the quote, “Are you scared American public? Well are you? Well you shouldn’t be because your on Scare Tactics!” 😉 Okay, so I couldn’t resist…

Going out on a total limb but it is also possible some of these situations were in fact pre-planned hoaxes (inside jobs) to lend credence to Bush and the Neocons activities in rallying support of all the anti-terrorism privacy stealing measures of control and validating our presence abroad to stuff pseudo-capitalism down the throat holes of all Islamic countries and of course to bolster support of the war in Iraq thus sending the Bush approval rating up and giving the administration the ability to give out more blank checks to the DoD and all the other govt agencies jockeying to have a bigger cut of the pie. Well it’s just a dubious little theory but I wouldn’t put it past them since this sort of fraudulent baiting of the public was done before to us and it worked to dupe a lot of people into backing up the administration on it’s hidden agendas. Remember conspiracy is no longer a theory when the facts are exposed to enough people with indisputable proof. And yet there are still so many blind sheep who will look away blissful in ignorance. There is a modern day witch-hunt in this country and abroad and speaking the truth to loudly, against the “cause,” can once again get you disappeared indefinitely or worse. This nation is having a bad dream and it can’t seem to wake up.

– Azag

20 08 2006
The Big D

God, I hope you are not right. 😦

20 08 2006

I hope were not right either, Big D, but more and more stuff keeps coming out about this “plot.” Read the latest from Craig Murray:

Azag — I think you’re right on here with this, unfortunately. It’s a sad state of affairs. I don’t doubt that there are terrorists out there and we need to make sure they aren’t allowed to do the things they want to do, but if certain people in our government are playing politics with this stuff then I fear they really don’t care about real threats that may face us. Their credibility is shot, that’s for sure.

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