Pro-war Buddhist Monks?!?!

17 08 2006 – Pro-war Buddhist monks in scuffle – Aug 17, 2006
Apparently, even Buddhist want to get in on the fighting action because they feel that they are the only religion left out of all the recent hullabaloo.


A scuffle broke out Thursday between saffron-robed monks and anti-war demonstrators at peace rally in Sri Lankan capital.

About six or seven monks from a right-wing Buddhist faction had stormed the stage during a peace rally attended by about 1,000 people in the capital, Colombo, shouting pro-war slogans, an AP reporter at the scene said.

A member of Sri Lanka’s parliament was addressing the crowd when the monks climbed on stage.

The monks unfurled banners reading “Take your protest to Kilinochchi,” referring to the de facto rebel capital in northern Sri Lanka where hundreds have been killed in the last week.

Angry protesters then pulled the monks from the stage and burned their banners, local television showed. There were no reported injuries.

Hmm, “pro-war Buddhist” sounds like an oxy moron to me. But I guess every religion has its violent tendancies. So sad, and I was hoping they would try to stay all peacefull and whatnot.

The weird thing is, that the photo from AP shows a monk carrying an anti-war sign??buddhists

See the kid in the back?  The Sign says  “War Will Not Win Peace”.  Either this photo is out of context or something fishy is going on with AP again.

From my understanding the fact that one was “Pro-War” would make one not a Buddhist by default, because it violates one of the Buddha’s best known teachings and Buddhism’s staunch no karma acrual policy.

Ah well.  All religions seem to be bunked.  Time to start my own.



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