D.E.A. Arrests Mexican Drug Ring Leader

16 08 2006

D.E.A. Arrests Mexican Drug Ring Leader – New York Times
In my opinion this is the Neocons trying to pull out some evidence that they are still fighting the “War On Drugs”.


Federal agents have arrested a leader of a Mexican drug ring that has smuggled tons of cocaine, heroin and other drugs into the United States and has terrorized its foes with unbridled cruelty, the Justice Department said today.

In essence the Republicans are trying to say, “Oooooh, look we are winning all these ‘wars’!!!”, but they started these wars and they are responsible for the fallout.  Its just another ploy to gain support come election time.  Don’t be sucked in America!!

Of course those red states eat this shit up like biscuits and gravy.



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