Arab Woman Calls For “A Million Osama Bin Ladins”

16 08 2006

Link via MEMRI TV

Not all Arab women are pro-US anti terrorism policy. The woman in the interview with Moroccan author Khanatha Banouna, and she is definately not on the US bandwagon.
Here’s the link to the vid.  It will show as a pop up window with the player inside it. (Couldn’t find it on youtube)

Moroccan Author Khanatha Banouna on Al-Jazeera TV on August 8, 2006

And here’s the transcript:

Following are excerpts from an interview with Moroccan author, Khanatha Banouna, which aired on Al-Jazeera TV on August 8, 2006:

Khanatha Banouna: Anyone with responsibility – in the home, in official institutions, in the pulpits, in the media, in the ideological sphere, and in politics – must build up active range – rage will shake the worm-eaten roots, which have brought us to this sick reality.


We need Hasan Nasrallah, millions of Hasan Nasrallahs. We need millions of Osama bin Ladens. We need millions of people armed with real active rage.


We are not Indians. I said this to an American journalist who came to me before the [9/11] New York incidents. I told them I believe in “blood for blood.” I still say this. I still believe in “blood for blood,” and if I had the power, I would do it myself.


We are not terrorists. What terrorist in the world is more terrible than Bush and all the Zionists? We are not terrorists, but if self-defense, and defending our values, our identity, our culture, and our religion is terrorism, then we welcome every type of terrorism on the face of the earth. In that case, I’m a terrorist, heading the list of terrorists.

I just wanted to have a post that shows the other side of the coin as far as Arab women.   Not every intelligent femal Muslim and or Arab is pro-America.  Do not be lulled into complacency by the Wafa Sultan’s of the world.  Their is strong entrenchment, for both sexes, on both sides of this “War On Terror”.



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17 08 2006
The Big D

Wish more Americans looked at the MEMRI website to see the multiplicity of views, emotions, and the complex history of this region. How can someone like Bush and his team set policies effecting the middle east when he is a johnny come lately to learning about these issues???

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