World’s First Commercial Darknet !!1!1!!!

14 08 2006

Swedens Pirate Party Ventures into Darknet [via] WiredFire

Well the MPAA and RIAA stirred up a bloody hornets nest now.  An international commercial darknet will throw the “Enforces” into fits of retardation, because they are still trying to grasp what this “email” fad is all about.

Read the AWESOME excerpt:

The Swedish Pirate Party have announced a commercial venture aimed at providing anonymous filesharing using a darknet, allowing users access to a VPN giving them a claimed untraceable Swedish IP address.

Rickard Falkvinge, chairman of the Pirate Party says “There are many legitimate reasons to want to be completely anonymous on the Internet” going on to add “If the government can check everything each citizen does, nobody can keep the government in check. The right to exchange information in private is fundamental to the democratic society. Without a safe and convenient way of accessing the Internet anonymously, this right is rendered null and void.”

Using Swedish high-tech company Relakks, a neutral IP is superimposed on top of your existing ISP service through an encrypted VPN connection, essentially providing users of the service with a Swedish IP address.

Whilst the Pirate Bay is known to many filesharers, the affiliated Pirate Party is the largest political party outside of Parliament in Sweden, and planni8ng to field candidates in the forthcoming elections. It has only has three issues on its agenda: shared culture, free knowledge, and protected privacy.

“But there are much more fundamental values at stake here than copyright,” Rickard Falkvinge says. “The new technology has brought society to a crossroads. The only way to enforce today’s unbalanced copyright laws is to monitor all private communications over the Internet. Today’s copyright regime cannot coexist with an open society that guarantees the right to private communication.”

The sweed has a point there, but I’ll be honest I am less concerned about the philosophies involved than the technology.  A true darknet for commercial use?  Can it be done?  Should it?  YES.  I’m quite sure, that as the pipes tighten more and more, “darknets” will pop up all over the place.  Its not a matter of servers, its a matter of circumventing the “Internet Protocol” or IP standards and creating ones own to have their very own little internet.  Sort of like pig latin but way more complex.

We need a political party like this in the US.  We have a moderate left party and an extremist right party, now all we need to complete the political holy trinity is a extremist leftist party.



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16 08 2006

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