VideoJug – Life Explained. On Film. (Video)

14 08 2006

VideoJug – Life Explained. On Film.

Welcome to the VideoJug test site! We’re busy creating a place where you can find and share advice, wisdom and know-how. We need you to help us out…

Essentially a youtube specifically for “How To” or “DIY” videos. Seems pretty interesting, hope it doesn’t just turn out to be a bunch of retarded abortions trying to show you the best way to cut an apple or some shit. Cause that is a DIY that I..”D.I won’t”. *Maniacal Laughter* ROFL LOL *pause*


DIY mango chutney?  NOC



One response

14 08 2006

Here is a seemingly useless one from the front page.

I do like the “How to…” (site) concept, but do I really need a tutorial on how to plunge my toilet lol =p and if someone really does need this particular video to help them they are hopefully really mentally slow or simply to stupid to exist and need to give natural selection a helping hand by killing themselves. 😉 Hints like YOU WILL NEED A PLUNGER and DON’T KEEP FLUSHING are rather helpful for those who have never seen a toilet or on some really bad drugs or perhaps for those whom may need Alzheimer’s medication. Funny stuff hehe.
I still like the site despite this funny example and the concept although not entirely original has a good potential in it’s usefulness especially if more videos are added with quality content and good tips for the “average joe.”
Nice find.

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