Reported U.S. bird flu = WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE

14 08 2006 – Reported U.S. bird flu probably no human threat, feds say – Aug 14, 2006

Scientists have discovered the possible presence of bird flu in the United States — in wild swans near the banks of Lake Erie — but it does not appear to be the worrisome strain that the government has long feared.Routine tests on two seemingly healthy wild mute swans in Michigan suggest they might have the H5N1 virus; confirmatory tests are under way.

But other testing has ruled out that it could the so-called highly pathogenic version of that virus that has ravaged poultry in Asia, and killed at least 138 people worldwide, the Agriculture Department announced Monday.

Good news is that the powers that be have decided that the cases of Bird Flu in Lake Erie swans is “probably” not a threat.  The bad news is that they said “probably”.
What really sucks about this is that I feel really crappy today.  My skin hurts like I have a fever or somethin.  If I had a choice between the Bird Flu and the regular flu, I’d pick the regular one.  Or even better a regular old cold.

NyQuil take me away.

Get it cause usually its Calgon, but I used NyQuil instead.

Anyway, I am trying to figure out if I should go home or not.  I feel like crap BUT I’m worried that I will just feel worse tomorrow and have to call in sick, and I needs my sick days for when I am too pissed off to go to work.

My mom calls those “mental health days”.

Unfortunately when you’re actually sick you just sleep and don’t get to do anything cool.




2 responses

15 08 2006
The Big D

My motto, never waste a good sick day being sick. Save those days for something important or fun and spend the time you’re actually sick at work with your dearest friends…..while getting paid for it.

21 08 2006

Nothing like “a good scare” from the government to keep us in line! Oh, and potential profits for big pharma.

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