Hacking – BBproxy Download + Blackjacking Presentation

14 08 2006

BBproxy Download – Blackjacking [via] Praetorian Global

Jesse D’Aguanno has finally released BBproxy for download recently. Click the above to get the DL and the presentation.

The file is named “bbat.tar.gz” and the presentation is called “Blackjacking – Defcon 14.ppt”.

I created a little 7z file for download from rapidshare, I even threw in the new Metasploit Module for the vulnerability/exploit that homeland security warned the US was coming. Its labeled “LATEST_HACKING_FEARS.7z”.



*Disclaimer/Warning – This post is for people to study the possible vulnerabilities of the Windows OS and the RIM BlackBerry. It is NOT intended to act as a guideline for those that would use these security testing tools maliciously. WARNING: DO NOT UTILIZE ANY OF THE PROVIDED EXPLOITS FOR ANY OTHER REASON THAN TO TEST OS/RIM SECURITY IN A COMPLETE STAND ALONE ENVIRONMENT, I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTIONS OF THOSE THAT USE THIS INFORMATION TO BREAK THE LAW.

In essence don’t be a dic.



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14 08 2006

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1 01 2007
Sadamm Hussein

Well, its already made it to wiki. Hussein was a creature of power. And a real tyrant. Glad he is gone however I think we need to get out!

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