Net Neutrality: Google Threatens To File Anti-Trust Lawsuits Over Abuse

4 07 2006

“Google warned on Tuesday it will not hesitate to file anti-trust complaints in the United States if high-speed Internet providers abuse the market power they could receive from U.S. legislators.”
– Via Digg

I hope to Xenu they do challenge Big Telco. Someone has to and Google just might have enough money to do it. Its a horrid shame that this administration has allowed the Net Neutrality laws to fall by the wayside. Of course Big Telco has been funnelling money to US statesmen’s pockets via equally unscrupulous lobbiests.

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed a bit of a slow donw in their home internet when it comes to google searches and using some of the more complicated Firefox extensions, but I have. It s almost as if someone is cutting down my bandwidth when going to Google, or simply because I am using Firefox. Could IE have a thumb in this pie as well? I don’t know, but it seems to surf with no problems at all, except for when using advanced Google searches. If you have been experiencing the same thing, please leave a comment. Let me know if I am completely wrong or if I may be on to something.

Either way the breakup of the Big Telco’s a couple of years ago was an absolute failure. Verizone and At&t now own everythin again. What a complete failure of government anti-trust anti-monopoly laws.

Shame on you Government. And shame on you Big Telcos. I can predict with great confidence that the evolving and maliable internet, with its legions of hackers and freedom fighters, will easily punish those that offend the inherint neutrality that was built into the net by its founding fathers. *See related articles about The Pirate Bay scandal and the hackers rebuke against the lawmen that took TPB down.

Know this Big Telco and Big Government, there are millions of people who know the net better than you could ever hope to begin to understand it. They spend hours creating open source applications, they work with GPL GNU licensing to keep information free. They will prevail no matter what you do. Fear them or embrace them, because if you don’t, there will be hell to pay.

The Real Don Quixote

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