What Scientology Doesn’t Want You To See

22 06 2006

“In light of what happened to codebot.org, here are top-secret religious materials from the Church of Scientology that they don’t want the public to see. Posting material like this online has, in the past, caused legal threats and even forced Slashdot to infamously remove a comment. Enjoy, and educate yourself about this organization!”
– So sayeth Digg

Again, SciTals, you need to chill. Your going to ruin that great rep of yours. 😉

However, “Top Secret” is hardly the phrase I would use for these documents. They have been posted manyu times on the net. How about marginally secretish somewhat. That would be closer.

BTW – No one cares about this crap right now. Does anyone remember that we are at war!?!?! And a wrong one at that. Why aren’t we protesting the Iraq war??? Are we really too busy fighting Scientology?? Come on now, I’m a grown ass man.

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